MRIS Mohali celebrated Van Mahotsav Week from July 1-7 wherein students participated in a gamut of activities that help restore nature, heal mother earth and keep our surroundings and environment clean.

Children were familiarised with different ways of composting paper and sowing seeds, through the ‘Green Seed Paper’ activity. They created unique designs, shapes and hues of paper with vegetable and plant seeds, which can be gifted as cards or tags. Breaking the cliché ‘Each one, plant one’, MRIS Mohali also initiated the campaign called ‘Each one, plant many’.

Children endorsed their favourite plants and their medicinal value. To revive the ‘Chipko Movement’, they hugged their favourite tree and created trees with up-cycled art material.

The video presentations on the importance of trees echoed and reiterated our campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle.