Senior Wing

Our Senior Wing is in complete sync with the Vision and Mission of the Manav Rachna International Schools which galvanises the learner at the centre of the teaching-learning process by promoting Self-learning, Inclusive Education, innovative teaching learning pedagogies, and smooth transition from real to virtual teaching and learning  in a communicative and collaborative learning environment.

The senior wing brings forth and equilibrium in our rigorous academic curriculum with a myriad of activities, simulations and events to invigorate the young dynamism and fiery spirit in our students. The campus reverberates with an Inclusive learning environment which gives every learner the freedom of expression and the prerogative to be. The school vies for a fine balance between scholastic and co-scholastic interests and pursuits of the learners by providing them equal opportunities to learn, flourish and grow. We encourage students to develop and hone a multitude of skills by exposing them to various local, national as well as international platforms. Some of the activities which we strongly promote and adhere to are listed below.


The collaboration with BENESSE is powered by the pulsating rhythm of the school, as it anchors itself firmly with its everyday pace. As each student strives to strike the perfect balance between academic excellence and their passions, we see this rhythm both ground them and simultaneously fuel their pursuit. You will find glimpses of our students in action, leading causes they believe in, exploring career avenues, learning from the world outside and making their mark in it.

MRIS – 14, Faridabad has collaborated with the Benesse Corporation, a Japanese company which focuses on correspondence education and publishing. Benesse India will cater to grades 8th, 9th (Maths and Science) and 10th (only Maths) along with the Learning Habits and Self Reflection for the academic year 2022-23.

The Khojo Assessment/s aim at evaluating the students on various concepts they have covered since 6th grade, which serves as the foundation for excellence in class 10 Board Examinations. The Khojo assessment evaluates not only the child’s academic abilities, but also the learning habits which coupled with the self-reflection sheet assists in a deep dive analysis of their performance.


The Pinwheel is a simple toy that sparks joy, yet it is also a marvelous feat of design that represents endless possibilities. The free whirl of the wind lets the pinwheel playfully explore the world on its own terms.

MRIS – 14, with this academic year, brings you little forays into the world of learning and adventure and would like to share the detailed Career Guidance and Counselling Program for the students of Grade VIII to XII for the session 2022-2023 which will be facilitated by the Life & Career Development Center (LCDC) and the Professional Global Organization CIALFO.

CIALFO platform will be available for:

  • Career Rendezvous – opportunity to meet and interact with a career influencer.
  • Psychometric Testing and profiling for making informed subject and Career Choices.
  • One-on-one counseling through professional Advisors for the students.
  • Parent access to the platform to track student profile building.
  • Two types of Scholarships are being offered to the students.
  • Online application to colleges from more than 65 countries through CIALFO platform.

Manav Rachna has always endeavoured to identify and challenge its students in areas of their interest and open new doors for them. The school has proudly launched 5 books (Limitless, Vivid, Starlight, Over the Moon and Spring Tide) by in-house student authors. The Young Author’s Felt Pen brings an idiosyncratic programme for MRIS students. It aims to identify and provide young writers a professional atmosphere to nurture their creativity and writing skills, with the goal to publish their work. This distinctive program allows young talent to reliably commence their journey of becoming authors.


To commemorate 25 years of excellence of imparting unmatched holistic education, Manav Rachna International School, Sector 14, Faridabad hosted the Book Launch of fourteen yarns woven together in a sparkling fabric- SEQUINED- Fourteen Spangly Jewels” – a refreshing collection of short stories on a myriad of topics penned by 14 young prodigies of MRIS, embarking their maiden venture in the literary world. This day, the event of the Book Launch of the compilation “Sequined” was eagerly awaited. The students were taken through grueling rounds of selection process whereby the chosen ones were further mentored by the extremely driven team YAFP, that is Young Authors’ Felt Pen Programme, which was channelised by the best and the most creative minds. 


Charting an unparalleled journey over the years, MRIS-14 has amassed accolades aplenty for uplifting the noble cause of education as a prolific institute, harnessing nothing short of brilliance. Being at the helm of academic excellence for the past decade, MRIS-14 is a connoisseur of upholding the tenets of traditional values intertwined with novel, futuristic means of learning.

The effulgent Manav Rachna Model United Nations is an annual three-day Conference which is an amalgamation of agendas on issues concerning the world at large. Inducted into an intellectually charged ambience, eager participants from different schools across the world express their vociferous views on various pertinent global predicaments, as witnessed over the past many successful editions of MR-MUN. MR-MUN aims to immerse the students in an experience saturated with debate, deliberation and reason by guiding them to act as vehement catalysts of change. 

The Conference is attended by all student delegates, diplomats and participants who have fervently participated in the simulation of several committees and  await the results expectantly. The conference steers an ardent desire to commemorate the true art of dialogue and resolution, hoping to impart each participant with unparalleled geopolitical knowledge, consensus-building skills, and social awareness. With a wide array of multifarious committees encompassing the stringency of the Security Council, controversies of Indian Politics, a fruitful discussion across the table is witnessed. 

MUN is an apt reconciliation to the fact that language and territorial confines are but insignificant hurdles for seekers of knowledge and experience. Students are able to hone their debating skills and imbibe visionary ideals that can make them world leaders.


As an institution that churns out bright and confident graduates, it becomes imperative to connect with the scholars and make them a part of the school’s activities. The senior school students interact with the alumni on various occasions through seminars and workshops. Success stories, experiences, opinions, go a long way in equipping our students with a better world vision. 


Each child is unique in his/her own way having diverse potential and inclination as far as choice of subjects are concerned, during the student life. In MRIS, we continually proffer to galvanise the students’ towards the right career path and make provisions for best career oriented subjects in grade 11. The school proudly holds back the best professional teachers with extensive teaching experience and vast resource material. An array of career oriented and future secure subjects are offered by the school in grade 11 opening further career avenues. Students are free to exercise their discretion and choose any of the subjects listed below. Following is the list of subjects offered to grade 11 students to choose any out of it:-

  1. Biology
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Computer science
  5. Artificial intelligence 
  6. Information technology 
  7. Accountancy
  8. Business Studies
  9. Economics
  10. History
  11. Political Science
  12. Geography
  13. Legal Studies
  14. Psychology
  15. Sociology
  16. Painting
  17. Physical Education
  18. Fashion Studies
  19. Entrepreneurship

To embolden our 21st century learners in adapting a multitude of teaching and learning patterns and to foster their curiosity, we must transcend the barriers of academic pursuit. Recognizing the importance of the less quantifiable skills, we, at MRIS-14, have adopted a pragmatic approach to teaching and learning. Our Soft Skills Development Program has been so designed that it aligns with the objective of aiding the learners in assimilation through a combination of technology, curriculum, and activities.

It encompasses a wide range of themes like communication, interpersonal skills, attitude building, social skills, time management, responsibility, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-control, self-management, problem-solving, critical thinking, negotiation, cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork. We introduce students to SWOT Analysis so that they know their Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats, and thus, become more self-aware and ready to face the world. In order to assess the progress and development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking in the students, they are given numerous case studies enlisted with problems related to peer-pressure, behaviour, stressful student life, and personality and prestige issues. 

Our Program thus strives to fulfil the aim to create and nurture 21st-century learners through a favorable outcome of an amalgamation of various strategies that promote and cater to the learners’ interests, needs, and requirements.


At MRIS-14, the learners not only explore their academic skills but also develop a greater depth of skills and apply their knowledge to meet the demands of our changing socio-economic landscape. Students are exposed to diverse learning landscapes and introduced to a myriad of activities and knowledge pursuits. 

Students are made to delve into each subject taken individually and as a collective whole. The multi – disciplinary approach or the interdisciplinary approach focuses on curriculum integration which magnifies learning and brings together different disciplines. We follow this approach by integrating two or more subjects and enabling the students to bring together diverse perspectives to illustrate a topic, theme or issue. Through a multidisciplinary approach, a student gains an arsenal of skills—problem-solving, critical thinking, time-management, self-management, communication and writing, analysis and research methodologies, team work, and much more—that are easily transferable across work environments. An inevitable outcome of looking at life and learning through a multidisciplinary lens is the ability to approach problems with a broader perspective.


There’s something magical about the moment a kite takes flight and soars into the sky. In many ways, the kite represents the actualization of dreams of the young learners.

MRIS – 14 staunchly believes that freedom for students to learn, explore, and challenge ideas while building and sharing their opinions is the foundation of academic freedom. The freedom to learn which protects them from unfair treatment based on the student’s opinions and beliefs. It is the right of the students to research, study and pursue whatever knowledge and skills they wish to without any reasonable interference, restriction from the law, institutional regulations, or public pressure.

Student-centered learning gives students the opportunity to decide two things: what material they learn and how they learn it. In student-centered classrooms, students are directly involved and invested in the discovery of their own knowledge. Through collaboration and cooperation with others, students engage in experiential learning that is authentic, holistic, and challenging.

As per NEP 2020, the school offers students with a plethora of subjects to choose from disciplines other than those they are majoring in. The curriculum must include basic arts, crafts, humanities, games, sports and fitness, languages, literature, culture, and values, in addition to science and mathematics, to develop all aspects and capabilities of learners; and make education more well-rounded, useful, and fulfilling to the learner.