Middle Wing


Dear Diary,…

I am on my journey to be a survivor and adapt through my own experiences, what about you?”

Our School Curriculum is based on-

  • Core Values – Effort, respect, integrity, ethics
  • Parameters– empathy and compassion, values, Response-ability, and Pro-social Skills

The following are the target concepts coached throughout to instill in our students:

  • Being accountable for one’s conduct
  • Keeping safe – road safety, personal safety, fire and earthquake safety, safety around animals and school ecosystem and cyber safety
  • Behaviour and Us – classroom and public behaviour
  • Self-Awareness – my strengths and weaknesses, self-control, mindfulness and meditation, and the ability to be joyful.

Methodology to inculcate soft skills in our students– (experiential learning and collaborative learning):

  • Workshops; Role plays; Stories; Discussions; Videos; Activities

Pastoral Care:

  • Hands on workshop for parents.
  • Workshops on how to spend quality time with your child at home.
  • Enrichment classes for children.
  • Guidance and counselling

Psychological Safety in School:

  • Regular workshops for teachers and students
  • Reflections with the housekeeping staff


“Our students benefit from an environment in which they feel included and are taught in ways that recognise and support their needs as individuals and as members of a learning community.”

Our aim that our students will:

  • exhibit thorough conceptual understanding of the subjects
  • work effectively and collaboratively among their peer group
  • handle challenges with curiosity, critical thinking and innovation
  • use their expertise in novel ways to solve complicated real-world situations.
  • understand and value different cultures and perspectives
  • develop into independent learners with high self-efficacy
  • be able to articulate and demonstrate a strong sense of intra- and inter-personal identity

Inclusive Framework:

  • Inclusive educational design
  • Preparing students for learning
  • Managing inclusive learning environments
  • Assessment and feedback for learning