Middle Wing

Middle school is a transition from primary to secondary education. Individual and group learning dynamics, as well as various learning activities, are drastically changing.

Manav Rachna International Schools’ philosophy is evident throughout the Middle School. The young learner is expected to take small steps toward Self-learning, Inclusive Education, Innovative Teaching Learning Pedagogies, amalgamated Online Comprehensive Learning in a very Conducive and Collaborative manner. Here, students rolling in from the Primary school find themselves in an environment buzzing with higher level academics.

The Middle School strives to find a balance between the childs’ prior knowledge and the new paradigm in all courses. To ignite the spirit of learning in the brains of the inquisitive young children, a plethora of activities, events, and programmes are introduced. The school promotes everyone’s right to express themselves freely and to be themselves. By giving each student an equal opportunity to pursue their academic and extracurricular interests, the Middle Wing achieves an appropriate balance in the learners’ quests. By exposing them to numerous local, national, and international venues, the students are encouraged to develop a variety of abilities. The terms “improvement,” “accomplishment,” and “success” have no meaning without ongoing growth and advancement.



Limited career options are no longer fashionable. The days of having only a few well-known and respected professions to pick from as possibilities for a career are long gone. Today, it’s critical to help kids realize their potential at an early age rather than waiting until they graduate from school. Students in Grade VIII at the Middle School are exposed to career counselling. The purpose of this is to help the children recognize their abilities. Today, everyone has a lot more freedom and variety in terms of possibilities when it comes to picking the correct career and succeeding in their field of interest. 

Through workshops and classroom interactions, our career counselling staff plans a variety of career awareness initiatives for students. Experts from a range of professions and subjects are also invited to engage in conversation with the eighth graders.

The Middle School, like the Senior School, works closely with the Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies to expose our young students to a number of career alternatives from which they might select.

As middle school teachers, it is our goal to guide the children in selecting the appropriate courses that will prepare them for successful careers. In accordance with the appointment time set by the class teacher, our school counsellors schedule individual and group counselling sessions with both parents and their children. These sessions include a discussion with parents and the student on the results of the CIALFO Aptitude Test as well as the child’s academic and extracurricular accomplishments.

Success may be achieved anywhere and everywhere with the right information. The most important factor is accurate information.


In the Middle School, students who have already been exposed to these qualities by their parents are required to review them and further develop their soft skill dexterity through workshops that emphasize interactive sessions, videos and stories, the online medium, teamwork, and the use of PowerPoint presentations. The children are motivated to concentrate on this talent by hearing about real-life events.

Soft skill fundamentals like leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, work ethics, flexibility/adaptability, and interpersonal skills are introduced.

Gradually, these qualities are brought to the attention of students in grades 6–8 so that they can refine the ones they already have and be flexible enough to grow the ones they lack. The MRIS Charmwood has consistently offered soft skills training.

Technical abilities, among other things, are urgently needed in all fields of employment.

Today, you need to have honed abilities to fit in with your coworkers and the workplace culture in order to land a decent job. As a result, middle school students are solely taught how to be enterprising, strive for the best, behave professionally, and succeed in whatever they do.

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