Sector 21 C, Labs & Activity

Exploring, investigating and discovering are the strong pillars on which rest the streak of curiosity. Fostering a classroom culture that celebrates student’s freedom within limits, creativity and exploration help our students find intrinsic motivation at MRIS 21C Faridabad. We strongly believe that the students are naturally curious, and that they must be encouraged to probe by facilitating an experiential learning environment to them. The extensive use of play based manipulatives and design technology in our Skill Labs enables our students to discuss Sustainable Developmental goals of the UN for developing a growth mindset. At MRIS 21C, it is all about loud thinking and pushing beyond the limits to rejoice the expression of discovery and achievement. Our Skill Lab facilitates our students to demonstrate initiative, develop perseverance and show the skills of collaboration, problem solving and decision-making.

Science laboratory

The School is well equipped with a Science laboratory, with customized equipment to cater to the requirements of different curricula and students of different age groups. Our Science Lab is aesthetically designed keeping in mind the materials being used, safety regulations and ventilation systems. They are spacious and have the provision for conducting lectures within the lab itself. Lab classes are an integral part of all the curriculums offered at MRIS Sec 21 C, making learning engaging and experiential for students. Students acquire the knowledge of apparatus handling, data collection, interpretation and conclusion. Safety rules are demonstrated in the rooms and students and teachers are required to follow them at all times.

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