Manav Rachna Early Years provide a welcoming and nurturing environment and a rich and stimulating curriculum that underpins the philosophy of child centered learning. Our dynamic and creative curriculum supports holistic development in cognitive, language skills, physical, social, emotional and spiritual domains aiming at the unified personality of the child. Developmentally appropriate and challenging activities are planned and implemented. There are a lot of hands on, experiential learning opportunities that stimulate the child’s multiple intelligences. Our Innovative Curriculum is embedded in educational research, incorporating the latest pedagogical practices and child centered learning methodologies.

Manav Rachna International School Sector 14 has adopted the learning Center approach in their Early Years Progam, based on the belief that children learn through play. Our thinking about play has been influenced by the work of many educationalists like Rousseau, Montessori,Piaget  and Vygotsky .

Independent Learning Centers are set throughout the classrooms where the children can freely and actively engage in  purposeful activity of their choice and interest  where they learn, practice and master skills gaining deep satisfaction and knowledge. The centers provide  oppurtunities for hands on concrete learning, social interactions,real life problem solving,  fine and gross motor development, literacy and numeracy and open ended activities. 

A variety of dynamic learning centers are set up in our classrooms which are, for example-:

  • dramatic play
  • construction/block centre for fine and gross motor development,
  • creative play
  • table top play
  • play dough
  • discovery centre
  • sand and water play
  • small world play


  • The Learning Center approach contributes to the holistic development of the child.
  • To celebrate the uniqueness of the child and allow for his development, at his own pace and own way. 
  • To enable a child to access learning through his multiple intelligences. 
  • To build self esteem and self concept and allow the child to become confident and independent. 
  • To increase oppurtunities for social interaction and exploring relationships and feelings, both with adults 
  • and other children 
  • To  develop language skills of the child by allowing him to explore language freely in real life situations.
  • To support the natural development of self discipline that results from a deep sense of fulfillment
  • To develop children’s conceptual thinking more easily through  increased oppurtunities to engage in hands 
  • on activity with concrete materials.
  • To develop a range of motor skills

We do this by

  • Having a clear and organised play environment inside and outside where children can choose and access resources easily.

  • Carefully selecting resources for the play environment that are open ended and encompass all areas of learning from the Manav Rachna Early Years Curriculum.
  • Encouraging children to make their own decisions and think through ideas,
  • Supporting children in their own problems through finding solutions in discussion with other children and the early years teachers.
  • Involving children in the everyday organization to give them purposeful learning experiences, as well as a sense of ownership and citizenship.

These include for example setting up for lunch, tidy up time and organizing the classroom.

  • Observing the children so that we can prepare the environment to support children’s interests and needs, to further develop their own lines of enquiry.
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