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Where kids study naturally!

Purposeful Goal

Toddlers is the youngest entity of the Manav Rachna Family. Colorful, pulsating and full of activity, the school for early learners-in the age group of 1.9-2.6 years, showcases happiness in its most vibrant form. A home away from home, Toddlers is a culmination of care and creative talent.

At Toddlers, children are provided a comfortable yet stimulating environment to develop their curiosity and skills. The School has a specially developed flexible curriculum to accommodate the individual strengths of each child. lts concept of Learning Centres lays stress on learning by doing.


Why Toddlers

• Fosters brain development and smartness.
• Develops educational preparedness
• Inculcates a lifelong love for learning
• Creates promptness in applications
• Improves concentration levels
• Ensures ability to work independently and in group
• Enhances listening and speaking skills
• Provides experimental learning instead of memorization
• Improves performance in school
• Helps in forming a positive attitude towards learning
• Provides situations for social, emotional and cognitive development


At Toddlers, children are nurtured in a truly comfortable and natural learning environment. More than morals, efforts ore made to inculcate good habits among the tiny tots. They are engaged in playful games and are taught counting, sizes and shapes. Lt is here that the children are prepared for future schooling through informal, experiential learning.

Eligibility - Children in the age group of one year nine months to Two Years (by lst of July) will be eligible for Toddlers.

Program Versatility