MRIS Early Years- A Child-Centered Kindergarten

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of mind to think”

Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana encourages children to take learning into their own hands, as opposed to being directed or prompted by a teacher. Children take responsibility for making choices about what they will learn and explore. This play-based method places the child first, an approach with the message that all children have the right to an education that helps them grow to their fullest potential. It also focuses on the child’s well-being in all areas. We truly believe that the core of child-centred education is to help the child become independent, responsible, and confident. With the help of this approach, teachers cover all areas of growth including social, emotional, and physical. They want to help the child develop the knowledge and skills needed in all content areas.

To emphasise the importance of group work, collaborated activities are planned on regular basis that helps to broaden the minds of little ones. When children play, they consistently learn. They discover how to plan, ask questions, and experiment.

At MRIS, we have happy blend of discipline and at the same time, a buzz that is electric; the buzz of humans interacting. That is one of the most special qualities of our school. In our campus, we make sure that we give children authentic challenging experiences. Our goal as educators is to create a true safety net where children can strive and make mistakes, knowing that they are loved, that they are safe and that they are treasured.