Tasty Spoons

In the first five foundation years of a child’s life, everything from basic brain function to behavioral patterns can be influenced by the diet a child eats. Keeping this in mind Prescient and Far-sighted school management has launched the TASTY SPOONS – A Healthy Meal Program for the students of Toddlers – KG.  

Parents are happy and contented with the healthy meals provided to their wards at NO COST.  It is an innovative step towards shaping lifelong healthy eating habits by offering freshly cooked, balanced and warm meals with important nutrients to students. Teachers talk about nutrition, the importance of trying new food, table manners and etiquettes, social -emotional skills and pleasant conversations at the table.

Mid-Day Meal

Manav Rachna International School, Sec-51, Gurugram has associated with intiffin; to provide a healthy and sumptuous meal to the students at school. Every meal offered is nutritionally balanced to provide for energy, protein, fat, vitamins & minerals with 02 nutrients of importance.

  • The school has set up a Food Committee to check the quality and taste of the food.
  • Monthly menu is shared with parents through e-mail.
  • Feedback of parents is taken every six months to ensure the quality of the food.
  • Photograph of the food is shared with parents every day.
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