About MRIS, Mayfield Gardens, Sec-51, Gurugram


Manav Rachna International School, Sec-51, Gurugram is a torchbearer of child-centric educational endeavour. Incepted in 2010, MRIS-51, Gurugram is benchmarked by AdvancED, USA. With a clear objective to impart quality education, we amalgamate collaborative and inclusive learning.

MRIS-51, Gurugram aspires to create global citizens through our international curriculum aimed at sensitizing students towards diverse cultures and provide access to the latest development in the educational field. Along with taking revolutionary initiatives in enriching and equipping students with conviction; our brightly lit classrooms, resource labs and co-scholastic activities ensure the holistic development of students.

Activity based learning

Children learn the best when they can visualize the theoretical knowledge. Therefore, activities are an integral part of the curriculum. Students are introduced to basic concepts like colours, textures, patterns, language through various activities in our primary years. These practices are later used in the middle school where the students often take up the role of a facilitator as well. Thus, making them responsible and imbibing qualities of leadership is the main aim of activity-based learning at the school.

Integrated Studies

MRIS-51, Gurugram promotes innovation as one of the most important milestones in the educational pursuit. Such skills are promoted through integrated learning which shows students alternative yet effective ways to learn and unlearn. Therefore, we integrate subjects like science and environmental education from primary years to make these subjects interesting for the students. Various activities and annual projects are conducted keeping integrated disciplines as the centre of the learning.

Social Skills

The school prepares children to become a functional contributor to the society. A diverse range of subjects including soft skills, UNSDG based Annual Projects, etc are introduced in the curriculum to sensitize our students towards the social conduct as well as the changing needs of our surroundings.

Smart Classrooms

We are a progressive school which caters to the tech-savvy generation. The effective way to impart knowledge in our students will be through the technology which agrees with them. Therefore, our classrooms are well-equipped with smart boards and tools to facilitate seamless delivery of sessions.

Inclusive Environment

An inclusive environment makes a child feel safe and enable active learning among the students. We have a special needs department dedicated which provides curricular and co-curricular support to the teachers as well as the parents. The school counseling department organizes various awareness programs for the staff as well as the parents.

Sports & Arts

Sports and arts cater to the development of the brain in a holistic manner. The physical as well as the mental prowess of a student can be amplified with a routine participation in sports and numerous performing-visual arts. From on-field training to simulated games, frolicking in the dance room to polishing notes in the music rooms, these activities are a part of the curriculum which promotes an active lifestyle.

Eat together, learn together

In the first five foundation years of a child’s life, everything from basic brain function to behavioral patterns can be influenced by the diet a child eats. Keeping this in mind Prescient and Far-sighted school management has launched the TASTY SPOONS – A Healthy Meal Program for the students of Toddlers – KG.   Parents are happy and contented with the healthy meals provided to their wards at NO COST.  It is an innovative step towards shaping lifelong healthy eating habits by offering freshly cooked, balanced and warm meals with important nutrients to students. Teachers talk about nutrition, the importance of trying new food, table manners and etiquettes, social -emotional skills and pleasant conversations at the table.

Afterschool Day Care and Nurturing Program

” When the atmosphere encourages learning, the learning is inevitable”

MRIS’s day care is a second home for children where they create wonderful experiences for themselves, enrich their thoughts and add joy to their journey of growing up. It is a safe, secure and stimulating environment which positively engages and celebrates children and their families, through a word class childcare support system. The children celebrate the important milestones in safe and secured environment.

See the spark in children’s eyes which inspires the joy of learning in the captured moments.

Saturday Sports Club

Sports is an integral part of MRIS school’s curriculum. We provide Saturday Sports Club to our students in association with SPORBIT SPORTS ACADEMY, EMERALD HILLS Road, Sector 65, Gurugram. Students get the opportunity to play various games like Soccer, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Chess and Cricket and they get coaching facilities too. Achievements in the field of sports eclipse all other

accomplishments because of the sheer excitement that sporting activities generate. Besides this, sports inculcate a feeling of camaraderie, team spirit, sportsmanship and a sense of responsibility and accountability in students. At MRIS, Mayfield Gardens, every moment student spend is a promising opportunity to learn.

Reading Program

Reading has been a source of knowledge, happiness and pleasure since a long time. It unlocks the door to lifelong learning. In order to instill a love of reading at an early age and eliminating the learning gaps developed in the last two years of pandemic, MRIS-51, Mayfield Gardens, Gurugram has introduced an
effective READING PROGRAM in association with Scholastic. This program focuses on purposeful reading, re-reading and responding with a focus on comprehension and lexical development. The students were thrilled to read using a variety of reading cards.

Cherish the glimpses of our reading stars …..!

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