Senior Wing

Education is a very powerful tool for social change and innovative teaching methods are the only way to enhance the quality of our education and develop creativity amongst learners. 

MRIS Noida has always used innovative teaching methods for enhancing students’ understanding and knowledge of different subject matter. We have relevant curriculum. Both teachers and students benefit from the use of generative topics and reinforcement of relevance. Teachers like this method as it allows for the freedom to teach creatively and the students find learning more interesting, engaging and above all something they can apply, rather than simply possess.

Students learn better with peers. They discuss concepts in pairs or groups and share what they understand with the rest of the class. Self and peer assessment inculcate healthy competition amongst learners. They develop reasoning skills and debate them. Together, students and the teacher use a studio format in which several students work through a given issue, talking through their thinking process while the others comment. Role play is another pedagogy wherein the students will understand the psychology of characters.

Teaching with technology offers the potential to provide students with new ways to develop their problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills. It engages students with different kinds of stimuli-involve in activity-based learning. There are many other examples of web-based forums through which students and their peers from around the world can interact, share, debate and learn from each other.

Experiential learning is a widely practiced in MRIS Noida that supports students in applying their knowledge and conceptual understanding of real-world problems. 

We also incorporate Cooperative learning also known as collaborative teaching; whereby learners exchange and collaborate ideas while learning. Student chosen text is also one of the recent innovative pedagogies. This enhances independent reading and critical analysis.  

We use a strategy in which learner’s question, research, use technology and create meaning from provided materials and research. It allows students to solve problems, challenge themselves and present their findings to others.