Smart Class Programme

The innovative curriculum of MRIS NOIDA enables the students to use the latest technology in the best possible ways, giving our students better opportunities to outgrow themselves to become pioneer creators of new and emerging technology.

Equipped with modern facilities like digital boards, Science Labs, and Robotic Labs, we enable every child to experience new ideas and learn through hands-on experience.

To enhance the learning experience of children audio-visual mode of learning is incorporated by educators in each session. Theme-based learning is incorporated in session plans of educators to let the students engage in the diverse concepts. The usage of technology has helped the students in synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Smartboard technology makes learning fun among students by displaying content in the form of animations, audio-visuals.

Availability of laptops to each educator helps them to quickly access the students based on this performance by using innovative technological tools. 


ENTAB allows complete digitalization of the MRIS campus. Starting from viewing attendance to attaining the details of all the upcoming events, transport facilities, assignments, weekly work accomplished by students, viewing exam schedules and results, parents have easy access to all the procedures being followed in the school in just one touch. 


To cater to the current environment, MRIS NOIDA also shares the platform of E-library offering a large number of books to all students in school. The E-library has a variety of documentaries, fictional and nonfictional books, magazines, and kindles to keep the children updated with the latest technology and current environment.