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To develop a child harmoniously and holistically by emphasizing on his physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs.

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Address. Golden Enclave, (Basant Avenue),
Dugri Road, Ludhiana (Punjab)
Helpline No.9098991000

Manav Rachna International School Ludhiana aims to explore, educate and nurture its students with an optimum blend of excellence in academics, innovation, sports, performing arts, personal growth and human values. With a vision to feed its students with the knowledge and emerge as the best choice in education globally, it generates an integrated focus on academics and opportunities towards holistic student learning.

The objective of education in the present times is to motivate and inspire students to think intensively, explore immensely, analyze critically as they learn to take the knowledge gained a step further by applying it in multifarious situations or challenges faced by them. This is what progressive education is all about, and this exactly is the core philosophy behind the different educational strategies practiced at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana. Here we ignite young minds and relentlessly strive to provide a platform to them that is instrumental in transforming their unbridled thoughts into well-contemplated actions thereby promoting their metamorphosis into confident, decisive, conscientious, empathetic and ethical global citizens.

Consistent focus on the holistic growth of the children by motivating them to accept the challenges that come their way and flourish successfully is an essential attribute of the institute. Exposure to the latest technology and learning techniques and interaction with the best of resource people is the prime vision of the school. The educators also build spirits of inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, entrepreneurial, and leadership qualities among the students.

Being a gateway to the global arena, the distinguishing feature of the campus is its Sports Academy which offers a plethora of activities ranging from Golf Simulator, Shooting, Squash, Billiard to Carom, Table Tennis, Net Ball, Cricket, Skating, Yoga, Martial Arts and Chess. There are experts for each sport available in the campus. The campus is centrally air-conditioned along with Meals on Campus facility; ‘The Tasty Spoon’ wherein hot and fresh food is served to the students during the school hours. The State-of-the-art Labs and Library provide provision to each child to groom the artistic skills, experiment and update themselves with the different genres available in the library. The Class strength amounts to 27:2 in the junior school and 32:1 in the senior. The School follows a Learner centric curriculum with the Integration of academics and extra-curricular activities. By focusing on concepts as points of learning, the facilitators are able to transfer big ideas from one discipline to another. These activities focus on I.Q. as well as E.Q. The experts in every field have a deep conceptual understanding for what they do and are trained religiously and regularly under the Aegis of Academic Excellence Team comprising experts from across the globe. The Techno skills Lab of the school offers prospects in robotics, mechanics, gaming, coding, DIY Electronics, Aero Modeling and varied aspects of technology. In this way, school ensures that the students are ‘ready for the world and thus, ready for the future.’

Principal’s Message
In the contemporary times, where the fast pacing technological advancements are becoming obsolete at the blink of an eye, the responsibility of the educator fraternity has multiplied by leaps and bounds, and feeding our students with knowledge without exposing them to experiential learning would be nothing less than a folly unforgivable. Making a paradigm shift from information loading to exploring human intelligence is imperative to encourage attributes like innovation, creativity, farsightedness, life skills and the ability to handle human emotions… Read More.

Achievements @ Ludhiana School

We feel proud to share that Prithvi Raj Singh of Grade III Asia participated in 30th District Shooting Championship 2022 and grabbed the Second Position in the Sub youth category held in Ludhiana. His focused dedication will surely pave way for his success in his future endeavours.

The champions of Manav Rachna have once again made us proud by bagging spectacular positions during the 25th District Roller Skating Speed Championship held at International Skating Ring Leisure valley, Sarabha Nagar. We feel proud to share that we have won 3 GOLD MEDALS, 10 SILVER MEDALS & 4 BRONZE MEDALS in the competition. 

The champions are 

  • Ivaan Garg of  Nur C 

Age group -0-5yrs.

Medal- Gold medal in 1 Lap  and Gold medal in 2Lap also.

 – Girisha Gupta of III A 

Age group -7-9 yrs.

Medal- Gold medal in 1000m 

 – Arayana Malik of Nur A 

Age group -0-5yrs.

Medal-Silver medal in 1 Lap and silver medal in 2Lap also.

 – Aahin Mittal of Nur B 

Age group -0-5yrs.

Medal-Silver medal in 1 Lap and silver medal in 2Lap also.

– Ishvika Kumar of KG A

Age group  – 5-7 yrs.

Medal- Bronze medal in 1 Lap and silver medal in 2Lap also.

– Viraaj Jain of 1- B 

Age group -5-7 yrs.

Medal-Silver medal in 1 Lap

 – Vivaan Gupta of 1 A 

Age group -5-7 yrs.

Medal- Bronze medal in 2 Laps

 – Ryka Malhotra of II B 

Age group -7-9 yrs.

Medal-Silver medal in 500+D

 – Pragat Malhotra of III C 

Age group -7-9 yrs.

Medal-Silver medal in 1 Lap  

– Myra Passi of II B 

Age group -7-9 yrs.

Medal-Silver medal in 1000 metres.

– Jason Waliaof IV C 

Age group -9-11 yrs.

Medal-Silver medal in 1 Lap  and Bronze  medal in 500+D and also Bronze medal in 1000 metres.

Applauding the efforts of the young champs we wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

Latest @ Ludhiana School

Another day, another milestone achieved by MRIS Ludhiana. We feel immense pleasure to have completed the fourth session of the Candid Talk Series.

The talk series on ‘Media- a Mixed Blessing’ was a big hit, as moderators, Parineet Kaur, Myra Bansal, and Samaira, diligent students of our school, did a commendable job in keeping the viewers and panelists at edge. The panelists of the event were Dr. Shivani Behl, Ms. Pooja Mehta, Ms. Isha Vashisht, Mr. Vivek Sharma, Mr. Sudhir Chopra, Mr. Chitwan Kaur, and Mr. Saksham Arora and they apprised the audience with their perspectives regarding media.

The session was thoroughly enjoyed by each person present. All the panelists were in awe of the moderators and presenters being so confident and presentable at such a young age. As the Candid Series is nearing its culmination, we feel proud of the magnificent results. The event has surely been a huge success.

Keeping in tune with the quote, Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana organized an interactive session ‘The Health Hour’ for the young learners. A panel of four renowned doctors of Ludhiana, Dr. Mehak Bansal, Dr. Venus Bansal, Dr. Vikas Bansal, and Dr. Gurpreet Kochar, graced the event with their benign presence. The topic for the engaging discussion was ‘Significance of Health’.

Our enthusiastic moderators Ayaan Rai Mangla, Rohan Bajaj, Tanvir Kaur, and Mahira Vashisht gladly welcomed the team of doctors and tactfully sailed through the session. An interactive round of discussion, where the veteran doctors answered few important questions related to health, lifestyles, eating habits, attention span, etc., grabbed everyone’s interest and attention. The panelists enlightened all the attendees by sharing their experiences and health tips and made it a fruitful learning session. Attendees were delighted to hear them and also poured in the chatbox with their valuable feedback.

The event proved to be a huge success with everyone enthusiastically engaging with the panelists. The discussion came to its culmination with deep gratitude expressed by our Principal Ms. Anju Dhawanand on behalf of the entire MRIS family.


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