Early childhood is a time of remarkable growth in a child’s understanding with brain development at its peak. During this stage, children are highly influenced by the environment around them. Thus our Early Years Program is designed in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and well-being of your child.

We have developed a well-defined, exploratory and theme based curriculum that aims at the holistic development of a child’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs.

A variety of dynamic learning centres like Discovery Centre, Dramatic Play Centre, Construction Block Centre, Sand and Water Play Centre, Table Top Play are set up to provide experiential and pragmatic learning along with age appropriate hands-on activities to facilitate self-expression while preserving the uniqueness of each child. Our qualified staff undergoes regular training to optimise their potential in providing the most safe and holistic learning environment for your child.

Every single activity offered by Manav Rachna is initiated from Grade Toddlers itself. Children as young as two and a half years have the privilege of being exposed to all the seven Learning Domains namely Language and Literacy, Numeracy, CREST, Life Skills, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Sports and Well-being which aptly cover the quintessential learning indispensable to a child’s formative years. Pre-planned sessions inter-weave these activities on a daily basis along with Edutrips based on ongoing CREST theme to ensure children live and experience the concepts being taught to them.

Additionally, the Cafeteria routine inculcates improved eating habits amongst children as peer learning is reflected in the food choices made and decorum maintained during meal time. 

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