“Integrated, challenging & comprehensive International curriculum”

Manav Rachna Schools have a comprehensive curriculum of excellence with global dimension that accommodates diverse learning needs of students and makes teaching learning a joyful experience for students and teachers. Age appropriate learning opportunities coupled with cocurricular activities and the most modern infrastructure support teaching learning in all the schools. The schools look after the diverse needs of the different children and help them achieve the best as per their capacity and potential. Helping children learn-academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically is the real purpose of schools. Children’s learning must respect past, respond to their current & future personal needs, their future career needs & the needs of the varied societies and cultural groups they are likely to play a part, Manav Rachna curriculum is built around all these needs.


At the Junior School level, we focus on the development of oral as well as written expression, creative writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills. With this focus, we send weekly Journal prompts in English, Math and Hindi. Critical thinking is encouraged through various thinking skill activities. The subjects formally introduced at this level are English, Hindi, Math, GES, Computer Science, Art & Craft, Physical Education, Science (Grade 5), III Language Sanskrit/French (introduced in grade 5), and TechnoSkills.

The teaching-learning process at this level is interactive and conscious effort is made to integrate subjects, thus helping children to move from  the known and explore the unknown. We believe that learning is the most important event in our school and we want children to enjoy the new  dimensional learning process.


Learning becomes more formal with diversification of subjects – Science into Biology, Physics & Chemistry, Mathematics into Algebra,  Geometry & Arithmetic, Social Studies into History, Civics, Geography, and Disaster Management & Economics. We also offer a choice between  Sanskrit/ French/Hindi as II Language in Grade 9. At this stage we follow the CBSE prescribed syllabus. Streams at 10+2 level are Commerce, Non-Medical, Medical and Humanities. Smart Class modules, group work, group discussions, interaction, experimentation, project work, dramatization, power point presentations are the tools used to facilitate the teaching – learning process at Senior School level.


Besides this the school offers scholarships to young scholars on the basis of academics, cultural and sports proficiency.


External exams provide a platform to the students to compete with their peers in and outside the school to introspect, learn and enhance their abilities and talents. Therefore, we take initiatives to organize external examinations like NTSE, NSO, ISO, NCO, IMO, IEO, NIMO, IGO, IKEN, NIE, Spell Vocab etc. from time to time and have achieved many milestones. Besides these, the school organizes competitions, which channelizes the potential of the children in co-scholastic arenas like sports, TechnoSkills, cultural, linguistics, art & craft. Children are exposed to multifarious life skills & attain excellence and the edge in life.


For characterizing & appraising we follow a transparent & a sound evaluation system.


To assess the child’s early development the school provides conducive environs to budding scholars for complete blooming. The Learning Centre Approach has shown a remarkable outcome wherein young minds are exposed to various facets of life and do great feats with the aid of their mother teachers acquiring great feats.


In conformity with the new evaluation scheme suggested by the CBSE and in order to provide stress free environment to the students in the primary section of the school, we have no formal examination system. However, comprehensive & continuous monitoring is done to check the strength & weaknesses of learning frequently in the form of formative assessments. The learners have better opportunities to improve themselves.


The school follows a comprehensive & continuous evaluation system as per CBSE norms. The assessment is strictly done in scholastic & co-scholastic aspects, which includes life skills, co-curricular activities & values, which are recorded & subsequently graded.


The school diligently follows the CBSE guidelines at the Senior Secondary Level.


  • College Counseling – Increasing the understanding of the full landscape of college admissions in the United States, determining the best college fit for the student and assisting him/her with the complicated application process.
  • Transcripts from an accredited American school – validating the coursework and scores
  • SAT Prep – preparing students for success on this key American standardized test used by colleges and universities
  • Letters of Recommendation from American teachers – endorsing the student’s candidacy in a personal, memorable way.