Library, Charmwood Faridabad

A fulcrum of learning!

The Learning Resource Centre, equipped with a huge range of books, journals and magazines on various subjects and disciplines, at MRIS Charmwood boasts of a prolific collection of resources to cater to the needs of varied readers. It is a central point for students to read, research, join in cultural activities, knowledge building, deep thinking, lively discussions and access information. With a flexible multi-use approach, library’s physical space enables a range of activities including quiet reading, study, collaboration, performance or community events.

By enabling our students to become library patrons, we at MRIS Charmwood empower them to utilize a space that can act as more than just a place to study. In addition to access to information, the library assists in the development of vocabulary, improved comprehension, instills the habit of reading and encourages a problem solving approach in the students.

Additionally the Resource Centre also has kindles for students browsing and offers e-Library facility to its students.

‘A child who reads will be an adult who thinks’

Keeping this in mind, books that capture the imagination of the students, reconfirm their facts and open newer doors of intellect are carefully chosen and made available to the students. The school library at MRIS Charmwood promotes a knowledge culture amongst students through the following activities:

  1. DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) session
  2. Book Fairs and Exhibitions
  3. Book Club
  4. Creative Writing club 
  5. Designing Book Cover
  6. Book Scavenger Activity
  7. Book Buffet Activity
  8. Building a Story Pyramid
  9. Book Talk
  10. Author Talk
  11. Roll the Dice and Tell
  12. Encouraging newspaper reading
  13. ONRT (One Nation Reading Together)

The school library at MRIS Charmwood is also instrumental in bringing across global connections and initiating student exchange programs (online) to enable the students to connect with their peers from across the world and exchange knowledge.