Ludhiana Classroom

The classrooms of MRIS are a welcoming learning zone. The collaborative seating arrangement of the students encourages team spirit and students learn how to learn well in a group.

Technology in classrooms

Students get all the ICT support in their smart classrooms and are encouraged to perform as digital learners. The latest technology with Interactive Boards and Projectors is extensively used in the classroom to benefit young learners. The modules are aligned with the curriculum in an interactive and engaging way. All the teachers are allotted laptops to keep abreast of the latest advancements in the pedagogy and in their respective field. The role of educators and teachers has expanded with time, making them more creative, innovative and engaged with the students. They now have access to the latest educational technology with interactive smart boards replacing the traditional black boards along with Projectors and Laptops. The features of a computer, Internet, Power Point Presentations and animation have been blended together to create the WOW factor in MRIS classrooms.

Smart classes offer a rich content of highly animated knowledge. Audio-visual modules in sync with the curriculum are also presented in the classes. The latest technology is extensively used as a learning tool at MRIS. These help make learning interesting for the learners easier. All the classrooms at MRIS are well equipped with smart class technology. The modules are lined with the curriculum in an interactive and engaging

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