A classroom is a designated construct that is meant to alleviate the pedagogy and learning process. The classrooms are equipped with nifty lighting and ventilation to ensure a comfortable learning environment. 

Classrooms are equipped with teacher-led learning spaces that usually include an interactive whiteboard and projector with unhampered Internet connectivity. Classrooms are decorated with educational posters or charts to enhance the learning experience. 

Positive relationships between teachers and students are regulated and driven by an appropriate classroom environment.

Lab and activities

We at Manav Rachna combine regular teaching pedagogies with laboratory experiments to ensure that our students grasp every concept thoroughly. We try to inculcate scientific frame of mind and observation skills in our students and also try to promote inquisitiveness in our students’ minds. We have a variety of labs in our campus like ICT labs, Bio lab, Chemistry labs, Mathematics composite lab, Art & Craft room and many more where our students are free to explore their ideas and imaginations under the guidance of their teachers. Everyday our teachers tirelessly brainstorm and come up with variety of innovative activities so that they can make learning fun and easy. The school campus also has sports arena and Techno skills lab to promote skill based learning which encourages our students to think skillfully.