Smart Class Programme

“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today.”

To simplify the complexities and leverage the efficiency in educational related activities MRIS-51 has smoothly incorporated digitalization in school. Smart classroom, boards and projectors give students authentic, rich, and diverse learning opportunities. Availability of laptops to each teacher helps her in easy lesson planning and scheduling in collaboration with the modules aligned with the curriculum. Digitalization of Lesson Planning and Scheduling module enables a teacher to meet the educational standards and opens a vast arena ofCurriculum initiatives. Campus digitalization has helped the students to explore and experience boundaries beyond reach through Virtual Reality Zone and Exploratorium.

Audio-visual modules are blended in the curriculum to make the teaching –learning experience interesting and fruitful. The ICT support, internet facilities online helps to Create customized reports to track student performance and profiling.  It combines the comfort of a traditional lesson planning and the ease and convenience of the web to teach smartly in the standard classroom.  


ENTAB is a hand on example Campus Digitalization in MRIS. From following the student’s attendance to viewing of upcoming events and extra-curricular activities can be tracked on this portal. Sending SMS’s regarding transport, holidays, events are all a click away to access. Parents can check grades, attendance, Exam schedule, evaluation, question bank and reports digitally.  


Digitalization of Library is designed and developed to assign, search, and circulate all library collections including books, documents, kindles etc. The system keeps track of the library circulation data including media issues, return and reservation by the student.