Sector 14, Faridabad, Library

The arena of the unknown to the known, from the intellect to deeper consciousness, and from exploration to reflection – that’s the library for us at Manav Rachna International School, Sector-14, Faridabad.

Man’s quest for knowledge transcends all bounds and has continued since the dawn of civilization to the modern age.  Reading books will not only enhance the language skills of young learners and aid in developing fluency but a good book will also take them on an adventure. 

“The best thing about books is they let you travel without moving your feet.”


The Library: Soul of the School

The objectives of Manav Rachna International School, Sec – 14 library is:

  • Creation of new knowledge.
  • Plethora of Scholarly Sources.
  • Improves Concentration.
  • Personality Development.
  • Promotes Reading.
  • Contributes to Intellect.
  • Increases Awareness.

Encouraging Literacy, Motivating Reading

We at MRIS – 14 believe that the books have the power to benefit the young minds in a myriad of ways. Reading books is considered as a higher aptitude for learning. The library ensures that the ever-seeking spirit of our students and teachers continues to soar, as they journey between the worlds of imagination and reality. Reading provides a range of learning opportunities for both large and small groups as well as individuals with focus on intellectual content and information literacy. Books that capture the imagination of students, reconfirm their facts and open newer doors of intellect are carefully chosen and made available to the students. The school librarian promotes reading with:

  • School Library Week
  • ‘Get caught reading’ raffle
  • Reader of the Month/Year
  • Accelerated reader scheme 
  • Golden ticket prize
  • ‘What should I read next?’ book jar
  • Introducing Library Portal
  • Book promotions for staff and pupils
  • Read-a-Thon
  • Events to celebrate World Book Day and Children’s Book Week
  • Readers club
  • Book club
  • Creative writing club
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