As we entered the year 2020, Covid -19 brought the whole world on a virtual platform. The virtual world, with its real-like attribute cannot substantiate the reality; yet we at Manav Rachna International School, Mohali have conquered that demarcation with our innovative methodology, child-centred approach, and experiential learning.

The school made arrangements to connect teachers and students over video-enabled remote classrooms, offering a host of interactive and collaborative tools on one platform – MS Teams. During this pandemic outbreak, educators aced the smooth transition to virtual classes on Microsoft Teams to ensure that learning never stops. Manav Rachna ensured extensive and numerous training for equipping teachers and students with the present medium of online teaching.

Our children are exposed to hands-on activities, which are so structured and designed that children learn by doing, and are thus able to assimilate the theory behind the concepts. Our lessons are curated to optimize learning, impart the right knowledge, give practical experience, and enhance critical and creative thinking skills of our students.

MRIS Mohali endeavours to create thinkers, leaders and responsible citizens; hence, we provide an environment and culture that augment imagination, innovativeness and creativity of our children. We have overcome the shortcomings of the virtual world by generating interesting, engaging and intriguing learning resources for our students, creating an environment that balances virtual and real world.

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