Ms. Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron


Throughout its rich presence, MREI has established an outstanding regional and national reputation for excellence in professional programmes and research. This is due to our talented faculty and staff, our research initiatives, as well as excellent curricula, our modern facilities and most important, the quality of our graduates and post graduates. MREI contributes significantly through its research, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, and outreach activities.

Our student’s transition easily into their professions as well-rounded, people-oriented leaders, whether it is here at home or around the world.  We are in an admirable position having been able to foster tremendously strong relationships with industry partners, alumni and government. The benefit of these strong relationships can be easily seen in the high quality of our programmes, and everything else.

MREI has produced an impressive legion of alumni, including eminent professionals, successful entrepreneurs, influential leaders and responsible citizens, who are fiercely loyal and proud of their alma mater.

We encourage our students to take advantage of all the support available to them and go beyond in life.

My blessings.

Ms. Satya Bhalla, Chief Patron