About Us

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow. John Dewey….

Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood has earned the reputation of excellence in the domain of education. With a rich legacy the school emboldens creativity and self-expression amongst the students. They are engagedequipped and made ready to lead confidently into the 21st Century. Investing in education and providing life skills to students are the fundamental components of all the teaching-learning experiences planned by the school. We strive to create better human beings to lead the nation to continued growth and prosperity.

Through our innovative classes, nurturing environment and innovative programmes we inspire, encourage, and enthuse our students to become designers, developers, collaborators and leaders who are ready to make a difference in the world.

AdvancED, a U.S based global organization that accredits educational institutions in the U.S & across the world has set the coveted seal on the quality of education imparted by Manav Rachna School, Charmwood.

Academic excellence has always been a cornerstone of the curriculum delivered in our school. We give every child a conducive environment that allows him or her get answers to their questions, follow their passions and interests through hands-on, experiential learning environment. We provide scaffolding to the students to reach their full potential academically, physically, artistically and ethically as we ignite their passion to impact our world.

All the children are naturally creative, so we understand that it is our prime responsibility to give them the freedom to explore and create opportunities to CREATE with technology, not just learn to use it. To reimagine education, we emphasize on the paradigm shift that goes beyond teaching students answers, instead we teach them how to ask the right questions, evaluate information critically and communicate effectively.

At Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood we create nation builders. We develop children’s character and equip them with future-proofed skills, so that they grow up to be positive citizens in a rapidly-changing world. We teach them that the skill that is the most important in the 21 century is the skill of learning new skills as everything else will become obsolete over time.