Preprimary Wing

The Pre- primary wing at MRIS NOIDA, is always chirping and bubbling with vivacious energy!!! 

They learn concepts in a play way mode and that’s the way we hone their skills. 

From numbers to letters, from art and craft to applying knowledge through toys, everything flows seamlessly!!!!! That’s the magic of childhood we explore and experience at MRIS NOIDA. Our pedagogy deeply involves every child, we practice the core methodology of small group learning centers, which ensures individualized growth and development. Our USP lies in our curriculum that aims for holistic development of a child. Extraordinary teaching strategies help in creating leaders of tomorrow.  There are a plethora of co-scholastic activities that we offer to our students for their cognitive, physical, and moral development.  “A child is like a fragile being”- we strive to nurture them with a lot of love, care and affection. At MRIS Noida, every child is at the center of the learning circle.