“Your health is the real wealth and hygiene is the source to acquire it”

This belief is diligently followed by MRIS-51 Gurugram to help students lead a healthy lifestyle for physical and mental well-being.

Importance of physical hygiene is explained to students and notable quotes are placed at strategic points in the school. Hand hygiene education is incorporated into the curriculum and daily school activities to maximise opportunities for students to develop personal hygiene practices are conducted.

Clean drinking water is provided through RO facility at all times with regular maintenance.

Importance of menstrual hygiene is explained to the students in the middle years and necessary supplies are provided for emergencies. The premise is cleaned and sanitized every day after the school hours to ensure clean study space for the students. Healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices are followed regularly to explain the importance of healthy and balanced diet along with exercise to the students. The in-school meal provided to the students is prepared with utmost care and is served in environment-friendly containers. The food is inspected for its quality before it is served to the students. The food served is ensured to be nutritious and appealing.

Regular eye and dental check-ups are incorporated in the overall assessment of the child. Mental health is of the topmost priority at MRIS and regular sessions on life skills and soft skills are conducted by the counsellor. The school has zero tolerance towards bullies and hence, awareness campaigns are organized to ensure optimum mental health of the students. Regular workshops and sessions with students, parents and staff are undertaken to ensure the optimum level of mental health. The physical needs of the ‘children with special needs’ are taken care of through occupational therapy, structural learning and speech therapy to ensure the complete well-being of the child.

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