Transition from Primary school to the Middle school spells, Change. There is enormous transformation of dynamics of learning, individual and collaborative, activities of sorts,

The Middle School reverberates the ethos of Manav Rachna International schools. Here the students rolling in from the Primary school find themselves in an environment buzzing with higher level of academics, The young learner is envisaged to take small steps towards Self learning, Inclusive Education, Innovative teaching learning pedagogies, amalgamated comprehensive learning in a very conducive and collaborative way.

The Middle School aspires to strike a balance between the previous knowledge of the students and the raised paradigm in all the subjects. A multitude of activities, events and programs are introduced to kindle the spirit of learning in the minds of the curious young students. The school encourages every individual the freedom of expression and the freedom to be original. The Middle Wing accomplishes an adequate balance between scholastic and co-scholastic interests and in the quest of the learners by providing them equal opportunities for their all- round holistic growth. The students are encouraged to cultivate a multitude of skills by exposing them to various local, national as well as international platforms.” Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

Today it’s crucial to make children realize their potential at a very young age and not wait for them to reach seniority in school. Therefore, students of grade eight are exposed to Career Counselling. This is organized to make the youngsters identify their strengths and help them choose the right subjects to make suitable career choices. 

Soft Skills sessions have been a continuous endeavour of MRIS 46. Fundamentals of Soft skills such as Leadership Skills, Teamwork,Communication Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Work Ethics, Flexibility/Adaptability, Interpersonal Skills are introduced. The students are made aware of the viability of these qualities so that they themselves hone the ones they already possess and are open minded enough to develop those they need to.