Safety in School Buses

MRIS-Noida owns a fleet of deluxe air-conditioned buses running on CNG. School buses are also equipped with Global Positioning System. Our fleet of eco-friendly buses goes on to prove that we are equally concerned about the environment our children live in.

All buses are equipped with GPS that enables 24/7 real time vehicle tracking. Visibility, current location, speed, distance and routes can be monitored to provide further safety and security to children. Guard and Maid Escort, first aid kits, CCTV and fire extinguishers etc. are safety parameters which contribute to enhanced security standards. 

Fire Safety

Fire extinguishers have been installed at the most appropriate locations in the school building. Proper training of house-keeping staff is done at regular intervals to ensure that they are equipped with the right knowledge. This training is vital in a busy environment like a school to prevent harm or injury to people and property. 

Safety in School Buses

Precaution is better than cure. Considering this, we’ve designed separate play areas to accommodate the different dimensions, skills and play styles of different age groups of children visiting school playground. Playground equipment is structurally sound, durable and engineered with safety in mind. As a part of holistic development, we ensure our children engage in healthy play and exhibit life skills like sportsman spirit and teamwork.

Buddy System is another feature that we follow religiously where children are encouraged to move with their buddies with-in the school premises.