Middle Year, Sector 21 C Faridabad

The mission of our school is to be committed to nurturing well behaved, compassionate and innovative leaders, equipped with skills for success in a highly connected world.

The school’s philosophy is focussed on delivering high quality curriculum centered on academic rigour and overall development of the child in all dimensions, physical, mental and emotional, within local and global contexts, using innovative pedagogical approaches.

A natural progression from the Primary Years, the Middle Years span across Grades VI-VIII, which is a crucial time when young minds are undergoing rapid physical, emotional and intellectual development. This is the time when they start to put their school lessons into practice in the outside world and learn things practically. Trans-disciplinary approach is the focus, developing critical as well as analytical thinking skills, compelling action, reflection and empathy among children, through experiential learning. 

Regular events and edu-trips help in tying the objectives of the curriculum together and make learning fun and innovative.

The Student Leadership Programme at MRIS 21C aims at nurturing leadership qualities by providing a plethora of opportunities to its young student leaders for interaction within as well as outside school, collaboration and community outreach programmes. 

Exceptional performance in Standardised examinations is a testament to the academic standards of the school, which is strongly supported by the school’s unique Academic Enrichment Programme.

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