Primary Years

Education is not restricted just to the attainment of knowledge, but it outshines in our behaviour, attitude and dealings with whatever life brings to us! Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood not only focuses at the academics but also provides students a platform wherein they can deal and manage their emotions, practice conflict resolution and handle stress.

The primary students from grades II to V are exposed to various academic, co-curricular and activities which cater to their holistic development. We take care of the gradual progression and the curriculum has been designed in such a way that it helps the minds to not only recall the concepts learnt but also to reflect their understanding. While grades II-IV have informal assessments, we assure to inculcate the importance of formal assessments in grade V students to forge ahead with confidence. We believe education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parent with high expectations and so we have Parent Educator Conference at regular intervals to share the progress of the child and listen to the needs and expectations of the parents. Educational trips and informative workshops form the part of the curriculum to expose the students to various avenues of learning new concepts. Thematic Assembly ensures participation of each student. It instills a lot of confidence and makes them fluent speakers. ‘No child left out policy’ is the striking feature of these assemblies which call for 100 percent participation.

Various clubs like Theatre, Culinary arts, Science and Innovation, Trash to Treasure, Tinkershala make them confident learners where they have ample opportunities to work and gain hands on experience. The Skill Development slots inculcate the value of reading with DEAR time whereas the General Knowledge sessions make them aware about their surroundings. The sessions of Logical and reasoning help them to develop analytical skills.

The active sports department at primary level looks deep down in the interest of the students to provide them with options to choose between various games like Gymnastics, Taekwondo, Chess, Table Tennis, etc. Performing arts consists of dance and music to refreshen the students’ mind. We have the best faculties at primary level to train the students. Art is an expression of one’s mind, the students give wings to their imagination while painting beautiful strokes on the canvas. It makes them more observant to capture the details which help them to focus well. The educators ensure to teach major subjects using various strategies from think pair share to collaborative learning, socratic learning to differential learning and many such other ways.


Conceptual Learning through Reasoning, Exploration, Skilling, and Technology (CREST) is a unique and innovative subject at MRIS which amalgamates Science and Social Science into a comprehensive curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach aims to provide our students with a holistic and integrated understanding of the world around them. With CREST, our students embark on a transformative educational journey fostering a multidimensional understanding of the world. We aim to nurture versatile individuals who possess the knowledge, skills and mindset to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and complex global society. It empowers our students to become critical thinkers, responsible citizens and leaders who can make a positive impact on their communities and the world at large. The child-centered strategies provide opportunities to learn through experimentation, investigation, demonstration and application.

Visual Arts

We believe in the transformative power of visual arts for students’ well-being and academic development. Our integrated approach combines Fine Arts with core subjects to dvelop social, emotional, physical and academic skills. In our Visual Art program, students unbridle their imagination through diverse art classes, guided by experienced teachers in various mediums. These classes foster creativity, skills and self-expression.

Performing Arts

At MRIS Charmwood, we recognise the immense value of performing arts in nurturing creativity, self-expression and holistic development in students. Our school offers a vibrant and comprehensive performing arts program that includes learning about nuances of dance, music, and theatre. Besides regular classes, our students are exposed to various aspects of performing arts through weekly club activities.  Our dedicated and experienced faculty provide guidance and support, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and enriching performing arts education.

  • Dance: The dance programme encourages students to explore various dance forms, from classical to contemporary, fostering their physical coordination, rhythm and artistic expressions. Through dance, students develop discipline, confidence and an appreciation of diverse cultures.
  • Music: The music programme enables students to discover their musical talent and develop their skills in vocal and instrumental music. Students receive training in both Indian and Western music, fostering a deep understanding of melody, rhythm, harmony and musical composition.
  • Theatre: The theatre programme provides students with a platform to unleash their creativity, enhance their communication skills and build confidence. Through theatre, students learn teamwork, stage presence and the ability to express themselves effectively. They participate in various theatrical productions, including plays, skits and musicals.

Soft Skills

The roots of Manav Rachna International School, Charmwood are buried deep down inside to nurture the students with the ethos and strong beliefs of value education. Keeping this in mind, the young minds at primary level are trans ‘formed’ to take onus of their actions and think deliberately about the result and its impact right from their initial stage of learning. The value based sessions of Life skills help them to relate with real life instances. These sessions make them more sensitive, empathetic and resilient in life. Life skill sessions suffice the social, emotional needs of the students and it gives them space to share the practical experiences. It enables students to enhance the skills of Self Awareness, Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Managing emotions, Coping with stress, Empathy, Decision making and Problem Solving.


The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 recognises the importance of multilingualism in the education system. It emphasises on the promotion of multilingualism as a crucial aspect of holistic development of students. As per the NEP, multilingualism not only enhances cognitive abilities but also promotes inclusivity and preserves cultural heritage.

By embracing multilingualism, MRIS Charmwood has provided a nurturing environment that fosters language proficiency, cultural sensitivity and global citizenship among its students. The school strongly believes in recognising multilingualism as a pathway to a more inclusive, interconnected and diverse educational ecosystem, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a multilingual and multicultural society.

Sports and Well Being

Engaging in sports activities goes beyond physical fitness, offering valuable educational benefits and contributing to the holistic development of students. At our school, we place great importance on the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of our students through a wide range of sports programmes. These include football, basketball, cricket, table tennis, shooting, chess, taekwondo and gymnastics, each designed to instill ethics, values, discipline and trust in our students.

To ensure the best possible outcomes, we have dedicated coaches and state-of-the-art fitness facilities that foster skill development and encourage sportsmanship. Through our organized sports events and competitions, such as inter-school tournaments, we provide platforms for showcasing talent, promoting healthy competition and actively engaging the community.

The success of our students speak for itself, as they have achieved remarkable accomplishments at state and national levels, earning laurels and recognition. It is evident that sports and health are interconnected, offering a pathway to happier, healthier and more productive lives for individuals of all abilities and ages.

By prioritizing sports and emphasizing its positive impact, we empower our students to grow as well-rounded individuals, equipping them with essential life skills that extend far beyond the confines of the playing field.

FS & S

Tinkershaala is a one-of-a-kind and distinctive programme designed to foster in pupils an understanding of the scientific process, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The installation of Tinkering Labs at MRIS Charmwood marks a significant step towards preparing our students for the challenges and opportunities of the future. It is dedicated to fostering future skills and sustainability. The programme aims to cultivate a spirit of innovation, creativity and problem-solving amongst students. It provides a dynamic platform for students to explore emerging technologies such as robotics, 3D printing, design thinking and more. Through hands-on experiences, our students gain practical knowledge, critical thinking abilities and an entrepreneurial mindset. They learn to identify problems, ideate, prototype and develop innovative solutions using cutting-edge tools and equipment. We aim for the transformation of our students into confident individuals who will shape a sustainable and technologically advanced world.

The Role of Clans

Collaborating through Clans…

In order to cultivate team spirit and to create a competitive edge, Manav Rachna has bifurcated the students into various clans. This helps in the overall development of the children. To nurture creative bent of mind and innovative thinking in the students, healthy competitions are conducted and opportunities are given to all to participate in intra clan and inter-clan competitions.

To express the unity in terms of the possession of a mascot we have four different clans representing

Air Falcons

Forest Rhinos

Water Sharks

Wild Cats

In addition the Clan system is used as an incentive within the school, where students are awarded Clan Points from their teachers for commendable performance.  Each Clan has a Clan Chief, Vice Clan Chief and clan members selected through an equal division of students to inculcate leadership, strength of thought, grandeur and artistry.