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In Grade IX, apart from English as the compulsory subject, a student can choose amongst Hindi, Sanskrit , French and Spanish as their second language.

  • In Mathematics, student has an option to choose amongst Standard or Basic Mathematics in grade X.
  • Sciences and Social Sciences add on to the approach brought in by CREST curriculum in junior classes, however it enhances the need of research based and scientific approach in Senior Grades. 
  • With Structured and planned career counselling sessions, the student is able to choose the stream/ subjects of their choice in grades XI,XII.
  • As per NEP, in grades XI,XII student can opt amongst
  1. Core subjects in Sciences: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  2. Core subjects in commerce: Business studies, Accountancy and Economics
  3. Core subjects in Humanities: Sociology, Legal Studies, Political Science, Geography, Economics, History and Home science 
  4. Optional Subjects: Legal Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Painting, Physical Education, Home Science, Hindustani Vocal Music and Computer Science
  5. English remains the compulsory subject.

The students are given the flexibility of choosing amongst variety of subjects offered as per their career plans, aptitude, area of interest and capacity.

For further assistance, school provides additional support to high achievers by Academic excellence Program (AEP), Academic Support Program (ASP) for all students to help them build on their aptitudes in the core subjects. 

Topic wise modules, Technology integrated approach with simulations and 3 D tools, peer teaching, flipped classroom practices, experimentation, demonstrations, Collaborative Teaching Learning with departments at MRIIRS, Subject related workshops at related industries, Alumni Connect, P-Gurukul facilitates and add on the teaching learning process at school.

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