Senior Wing

Career Counselling: Empowering for Future

In present times when career horizons are wide spread with limitless options and choices, students have many options to explore. While some are clear about goals and courses they want to purse, Many look for guidance and mentoring in order to sift and choose from the plethora of options available post grade XII. The earlier this perplexity is resolved, the more advantage the student is in.

MRIS Charmwood offers 22 academic and skill based subjects to its students to choose from. Stream boundaries are thinned and the student can pursue a guided combination of choice. Besides this, skill development, based on the students interest (Sports, Stem, Media, Writing, Music & Dance etc) is of utmost importance.

Manav Rachna International School in association with Career Development Centre at MRIIRS, provides support to all its students giving them the right direction as per their interests. The CDC @ MRIS CW is a one stop solution to all essential career counseling needs of the students. Right from life skills sessions, to group discussion trainings, to psychometric profiling of students, to one on one career counseling sessions for students & parents, to bringing reputed coaching institutes to school with the aim of targeting all sorts of competitive exams, to connecting the students with industry experts for interactive sessions as well as internships, to student centric programs like RUSH and Global Summer School giving exposure to course of study and experience, to help students prepare their SOPs and LORs, to applying on College Board, Career Counselling at MRIS Charmwood is serious work.

SEN Support (Special Education Needs): Leaving no one behind

MRIS CW offers an inclusive and robust SEN Program at its Child Development Centre. Need based curricular and co-curricular support is provided by experienced and trained faculty to students under SEN. Regular Parent Teacher workshops and counseling sessions are held to help generate awareness through shared knowledge and learning. Awareness program to sensitize school students is also a part of it. IEP for students brings in greater clarity and helps record students’ progress.

Subject accommodations and support, as per CBSE guidelines is provided to students from Grades IX-XII.

Subjects offered in Grades IX-XII

Grade IX & X

I Language- English

II Language- Hindi/Sanskrit/French/Spanish

Mathematics- Basic/Standard


Social Science



Home Science

Grade XI-XII

English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Legal Studies, Political Science, Geography, Economics, History, Home Science, Legal Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Painting, Physical Education, Hindustani Vocal Music, Computer Science, Mathematics, Applied Maths, Entrepreneurship

For further assistance and to help them build on their aptitudes in the core subjects, school provides additional support to high achievers through its Academic Excellence Program (AEP) as well as Academic Support Program (ASP) for all students.

Topic wise modules, Technology integrated approach with simulations and 3 D tools, peer teaching, flipped classroom practices, experimentation, demonstrations, Collaborative Teaching Learning with departments at MRIIRS, Subject related workshops at related industries, Alumni Connect, P-Gurukul facilitates and add on the teaching learning process at school.

Young Authors Felt Pen

From composing memorable fantastical worlds to inspiring political revolutions, there is little that cannot be achieved with an idea and a pen.”

MRIS Charmwood has always endeavoured to identify and challenge its students in areas of their interest  and open new doors for them – be it in STEAM, Sports, Art and Culture or Academics. Our students have successfully launched Textures, an anthology by in house student authors.

The Young Author’s Felt Pen provides a platform to our students to nurture their creative side. This unique programme identifies and provides young writers a professional atmosphere to nurture their creativity and writing skills, with the goal to publish their work by the end of the program.

The writers are identified and shortlisted after a series of screening tests and interviews. From there on, the fledgling ideas are developed into refined stories, which is eventually published in an anthology. Through the journey of exploration of ideas, writing, workshops and revisions, all under established mentorship of authors and content developers, this unique program allows young talent to reliably initiate their own journey of becoming authors.


Alumni connections open doors of understanding and inspire the students by giving them a glimpse of success of their counterparts in the real world. Our Alumni are an integral part of our school system. The school applauds and showcases the achievements of its alumni with pride-filled joy through various mediums. It nurtures a strong bond with its alumni through regular alumni meets. The alumni who have made their mark in different walks of life are invited to share about their journey with the students and help them get clarity about their dream careers and how to prepare for them. Such sessions also act as a catalyst in cementing the bonds of friendship and togetherness The school maintains a colossal database of the alumni and their impressive list of victories.


To excel in the challenging and competitive world of today, our students need much more than just technical dexterity. Employers today are looking for applicants who not only are perfect at their work but also fit into the workplace environment and get along with co-workers.

Students must acquire strong soft skills if they are to complete assigned tasks successfully. Programmes that teach soft skills improve students’ capacity to interact with their environment and make wise judgment. Soft skills are aptitudes that make it possible for one to interact with people in an effective way. Since the majority of occupations need collaboration, having soft skills increases ones employability and helps land a dream career. It supports in developing strong professional relationships, boosting career productivity, and thriving at work.

Keeping this in mind, MRIS, Charmwood makes a consistent effort to inculcate effective soft skills in the students through a plethora of activities. The theme based assemblies focus on emphasizing the importance of values. There are regular MUNs, Skill Development sessions, rigorous sports activities inter and intra school debates, theatre, music, dance competitions and subject specific events like Innoskill, Commercium, which hone the interpersonal, time management, communication, collaborative and decision making skills of the students, thus making them future-ready with an international level of dexterity and competitiveness; along with the much necessary universal human values like empathy, integrity and ethical conduct. 

MUN: Raising Future Leaders

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students undertake the roles of delegates from various nations and work to resolve problems in the real world using the ideologies and viewpoints of the country they are representing.

As a student anywhere in the globe, it has never been more crucial than it is now to take part in an experience that can deepen ones awareness of the world, develop leadership skills and critical thinking abilities, and inspire youth to try something new.

We, at Manav Rachna groom students to be thought leaders of today and tomorrow. The active MUN community in school is engaged not only in participating in inter school MUNs, but also donnas  the mantle of raising the next generation MUNers. Adept in leadership, research, writing, public speaking, and skills in problem-solving. our students have time and again made us proud with their achievements.  


Makershala is a community-based ecosystem that facilitates and promotes Innovation-Based Learning in MRIS-Charmwood. The program enables students to develop a scientific temperament and innovation mind-set by working collaboratively on STEM based activities and real-life projects.

The AIM of Makershala is to motivate them to learn, and guide them towards skill development. The 5E model focuses on allowing kids to understand concepts over time through a series of phases. These phases include Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. While working on these projects students work collaboratively, manage time and resources, think critically and creatively which are the skills needed in the modern workplaces.