Session on ‘Healthy Habits’ for Early Years

The importance of personal hygiene and the awareness of the same is indispensable to any individual. What better way to imbibe these habits than to start young!

Keeping this thought in mind, an infirmary session was conducted in the Early Years wing today. The session particularly focused on inculcating ‘Healthy Habits’. The children were made aware about the importance of washing their hands not just before and after meals, but also after using washrooms, sneezing or coughing and playing with pets etc. The correct technique to wash one’s hands was demonstrated to the little ones and they enjoyed imitating the same.

Further on, the importance and the right technique of brushing one’s teeth was highlighted and the children were taught about ways to avoid cavities and bleeding gums. It was a fruitful and fun session for the children with an array of learning outcomes.

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