In yet another webinar organised by Robochamps, Principal MRIS Mohali, as a panelist shared her thoughts on ‘E-learning: A substitute for classroom learning?’ She talked about the role of technology in strengthening and enriching the exposure and learning experiences of children at Manav Rachna International School, Mohali.

She first mentioned about how digitally enabled classrooms, cloud campus learning, makershala, robotics and ICT are contributing to the skills development, building up conceptual knowledge and reinforcing the learning experiences rather than supplementing teaching at the school.

Talking about the present situation and using technology to provide education to the children, Ms. Taruna Vashisht apprised that the school is using Microsoft Teams, which involved rigorous training sessions for equipping teachers and then the teachers trained the children to take notes, complete their assignments, share their responses through the features like class notebook, assignments, chat on the same application. To ensure seamless and smooth conduct of the sessions, children are taking online quizzes and assessments which are graded. The teachers are well-equipped in using technology to conduct interactive sessions and provide enriching learning resources to the children.

To supplement their knowledge and learning, regular assignments are given to the students.

To make e-learning wholesome, fruitful and lively, the teachers are conducting soft skills and life skills sessions as well along with confidence building and persona enhancement activities like online debate competition, declamations, discussions, projects, and many other events.

The school has celebrated all important events and days virtually during the lockdown and has thus, simulated real school life experiences. Furthermore, frequent Parent-Educator-Conference (PEC) keeps the parents abreast of their child’s performance.

MRIS Mohali is thoroughly equipped for both the physical and technology-aided virtual teaching platforms to achieve its goal of providing quality education to its children.