MRIS, Ludhiana organized a virtual tour to HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE FACTORY for the tiny tots of Early Years. The tour proved to be very educational and entertaining as it included learning all about the favourite of one and all – Delectable Chocolate and the processes involved in its making. Children learned about the whole process starting from where cocoa beans are sourced and how each and every cocoa bean passes through a proper quality screening process before being roasted. The kids were excited to know that these completely set chocolate bars are sent to a work center for attractive Brand wrapping. Then, these chocolates are packed into big cartoons and sent to the market from where we all can buy scrumptious chocolates.

This was a mouth-watering fantastic and memorable experience for everyone. The kids were excited to make their own chocolate bar after the virtual tour. It was actually a day full of fun. Along with the students, parents too enjoyed this relishing tour and appreciated the efforts of the teachers and the school for organizing such a unique virtual journey which concluded on a sweet note.