A decade back a child looked forward to the nightfall and stars to shine as he eagerly waited for his elders to hold him a little longer, rock him a little more, tell him another story and put him to sleep with stars in his eyes and a smile playing on his lips. But Alas!! All this is lost for today’s generation. Today, the kids are put to bed by parents amidst the buzz of mobiles or laptops.

Children like routine, they are scared of uncertainties. Their overall growth is hampered if they don’t follow a routine. A child is a ball of energy. He is running around all day and the night routine of bedtime story helps to calm him down and reduce his stress level thus, helping him to sleep better at night.

Children look forward to bedtime stories as they want their elders to talk to them, hold their fingers and take them to the wonderful land of fairies, angels and knights. These storytelling sessions bring them closer and strengthen their bond. These moments are cherished by children throughout their life.

A child’s imagination has no limits, but it needs stimulation. Stories tend to stimulate their imagination and make them inquisitive. Thus, developing their reasoning skills as they ask a million questions about the story and sometimes, they weave their own stories also. Questioning what is going on in the story and why things are happening helps to develop a child’s comprehension. Hearing new words help to improve a child’s vocabulary.

In a world torn apart by jealousy, hatred, greed and selfishness, let’s try to instill positive values and make our precious children believe in rainbows once again. Let’s take out a few minutes from the busy schedule every night and strengthen every child’s belief in humanity through short bedtime stories.

Written By:- Ms. Anju Pathak, TGT, MRIS-Charmwood