Squishy Squashy Day

We at Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana (MRIS, Ldh) strongly believes that students should get hands-on experience for better learning and understanding the concepts taught in classroom. We all are aware that sensory play is important for the little ones as it has numerous benefits where children learn to share, negotiate, plan and develop fine motor skills.

Squishy bags are perfect for sensory play without the mess. They are easy to make and children enjoy manipulating and playing with them. Conceptualizing this philosophy, Squishy Squashy Day was organised at MRIS, Ludhiana for the Bloomies and Toddlers. This was exciting and interesting for the tiny tots as they got a chance to explore the sensory material which gave them utmost fun and helped them to learn new vocabulary words like Soapy Sparkle, Glitter Glue, Rainbow Oats, Jelly Balls etc.

Making sensory bags in the class was so innovating and enjoyable for these young learners. The little munchkins along with their parents had a gala time performing the activities with respect to the senses of touch, feel and smell. It was experiential learning for both – parents and children. They were happy to carry sensory bags home as take away craft. Overall, it was a great opportunity for the blooming buds to share their experience with full assertiveness.

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