Sports’ Elixir: Strength and Success!  

Sports’ Elixir: Strength and Success!  

Sports’ Elixir: Strength and Success!  

Sports’ Elixir: Strength and Success!  

Sports’ Elixir: Strength and Success!  


Adapting to Change: Sports in Challenging Times

‘I run the tracks not to beat my competitors but to beat my own self,

My unbeatable spirit will fetch me another trophy on my shelf!

Am I tired, am I hungry, am I beatable, am I vulnerable?

Yes, but my thirst to be on the field is incomparable!

Perseverance, endurance and resilience are the keys to success in the lives of the sportsmen. An expedition of a thousand miles starts with small steps towards progression and these baby steps change into huge successes with the purposefulness and diligence of a true sportsman. The spirit of a sportsman never gets deferred not because he doesn’t face any failures but because he is not afraid to embrace failures. Diligence is known for creating the most notable athletes, colorful personalities, influential leaders and outstanding heroes. The one who has tasted failure knows the value of success!

Sports are imperative for human beings as they help not only in being physically fit but also shaping into mentally, emotionally and socially balanced individuals. The positive effect of adopting sports activities in the top schools in India can be seen in all walks of life. Virtues, Values and Ethos like Discipline, Punctuality and Righteousness gets inculcated in a person who plays any sport. Time management and Team Play are two other facets which get developed in a sportsperson. Losing weight by involving oneself in any sport is much easier and more effective as compared to expensive diet plans which are sold in the market at exuberant prices. Sport is no longer viewed as an off-the-shelf and nonprofitable subject.

Nowadays, athletes are not simply famous, widely recognized and rich, they also have fans around them. Many sports personalities are even more popular than their contemporary film actors. Sports involve physical activity of the body which helps in burning of fat, release of cortisol and adrenaline rush. In fact, many mental illnesses like anxiety, depression and loneliness can be easily combated by indulging oneself in any sport.

The love for such physical activities is evident on the faces of the students of Manav Rachna International School, Ludhiana as they look forward to the Sports and Wellness Session with their hearts and souls. Regularized sessions of Sports are part of the curriculum for each grade to follow. The students have the liberty to choose the sport of their choice and play under the guidance of abled and supportive coaches. They are free to try their hands on Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess and so on. The sport that they are interested in is taken forward with them in terms of professional training, strength building and finesse. Skating is one sought after sport which is taken up right from the young classes. They adorn their skating gear and skate through the Sports Arena as if sailing on water. The confidence, balance and stability that they display while on wheels is an adorable sight. The Sports Arena is fully matted, keeping in mind the safety and well-being of the students. Comfortable and suitable sports gear is adorned before they begin on the journey of venturing into any new sport and no compromise is done in this respect.

Many studies have shown that the Emotional Quotient of the sports personalities is much better than any other person. They are readily accepted by the society and now with our government’s support they can travel internationally to represent their country. We believe that exposure to sports activities is necessary for the overall well-being of students. This philosophy is applied as early as in their elementary years at MRIS Ludhiana, a CBSE affiliated school. The school’s courses are based on the blend of subjects, games, and extracurricular. Students will be offered to choose a sport they fancy and will be trained in this finalist for their future sports life.

At MRIS Ludhiana, recognized amongst the best schools in India, we expose our students to Sports not only to keep them physically healthy but also to make them mentally strong. They develop grit, determination and strength to take challenges head on and deal with adversities of life with ease. The sight of the youngest students of the school spreading their yoga mats and performing different asanas is picturesque. In India, Yog Kriya has been an age-old remedy for multiple health and mental problems. Yogis could align their mind, body and soul to reach the state of enlightenment. Indulging oneself in yogic activities bore fruitful results. Recognizing the diverse range of benefits availed by performing yoga, we, at MRIS, make our students understand the crucial role yoga plays in everyday lives. We focus on not only empowering our students but also their families and friends. Effortless Yoga Asanas release toxic energy from the body and fill it with positive attributes. Regular meditation sessions are conducted for the students which lead to increased focus and concentration. It helps them to calm their minds and be prepared to grasp new concepts with ease. Long inhalation and exhalation help in mindfulness and expansion of lungs.

MRIS Ludhiana, the top school in the city, offers different sets of sports to all the students. We offer more than 15 sports to our students and have specialist coaches for each branch of Sports. The infrastructure of our school is well-equipped. We are the first school in Punjab (STATE) to offer a Golf Simulator. Our school is well-equipped with a 10 meters Air Rifle/Pistol Shooting Range, Table Tennis Robot for advanced level T.T practice, Billiards, Squash, Indoor Badminton Court, Chess, Carom, Cricket, Basketball etc. Under the guidance of professional coaches our students bring laurels to our school in different sports and win at International, National, State, Zonal and District Level Championships. As the vision and mission of our school holistic development we always give a platform to each and every child of our school through 100% participation in all intra school sports competitions. Each year, we do the organization of a ‘Sports Day’ for our students in which there is a healthy competition among our students that is created. Manav Rachna celebrates National Sports Day on 29 August as an annual ritual to remember a great hockey player Major Dhyan Chand, who always endeavored to excel. In reverence to such a legendary hero, MRIS Ludhiana organized a myriad of sports activities. It was a day that witnessed huge applauds from the grounds to happy squeals from the Sports Arena. Each student in the premises participated in a variety of Sports Activities and Competitions, ranging from Intra Class Yoga Competitions for our junior most students to Basketball, Football, Kabaddi and Skating competitions for the seniors. The team and competitive spirit brought the students closer in terms of companionship. The coordinated moves and planned leaps were adept and salubrious. The resplendent faces of our students narrated the story of unmatched zeal and enthusiasm towards sports!

Students of Under 10 years’ age group of our school are the winners of International Yoga Competition and won many medals in District and State Skating Championship. We have International Level players in Shooting. We have National Level players in Squash, Martial Art, Shooting and Chess in such a small time period. We have the state level winners for Badminton and Skating also. Other Sporting events take place throughout the year. Every year we celebrate National Sports Day with 100% participation in different Clan sports events. Every Year we organized our Annual Sports Day with all Track and field events. A day full of good competitiveness, energy, and cherished recollections. We follow all the norms of CBSE. All the classes from Toddlers to the senior most get a daily 50 minutes sports period, which is very important for their physical as well as mental fitness.

The Sports that are offered at MRIS Ludhiana are many.Few of them are mentioned below:

  • Carom
  • Yoga
  • Soccer
  • Skating
  • Martial Art
  • Cricket
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Basketball
  • Shooting
  • Golf
  • Billiards
  • Athletics

Sports often leave a significant mark on the lives of sportsmen. Not only the legends but even the sportswriters, trainers, coaches and sports stars hesitate a wee bit in pushing themselves too hard, even at the expense of comfort and luxury. When it comes to sports in schools, MRIS Ludhiana excels in all respects. Sports are an integral part of overall growth and development in our students and we make sure that they are exposed to sports from the very beginning. The town has a number of winners in diverse sports from MRIS Ludhiana. Year after year, the number of sports enthusiasts in the school increases in leaps and bounds. Not only the seniors are often meritorious in sports, but even the Nursery and KG students have been bagging innumerable prizes in various categories. The students, when exposed to sports at a young age, turn out to be excellent team workers, co-operative individuals and focused adults. They perceive the world as a place safe for all with the feeling of brotherhood and camaraderie at the forefront.

MRIS Ludhiana presents a broad spectrum of sports which ranges from Skating, Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, Golf, Shooting, and Cricket. Students equally practice yoga and aerobics within sports clubs while keeping fit, healthy, and agile. The laurels that our students bring in the field of sports are uncountable. Our students not only participate with zeal and enthusiasm, they also do wonders in the sport they play.


Indeed, the most remarkable thing about sport programs carried out by schools in hard times and uncertainty is their incredible resilience and adaptability. The flexibility, adaptability, and the ongoing provision of teamwork, self-discipline, and the overall well-being of students, is an indication of the leadership, coaches, and the whole school community commitment. The process of change is sometimes daunting, but through it, new avenues are opened, and school sports have been revolutionized. While we traverse the constantly evolving educational terrain, one aspect remains unchanging: our student-athletes, who are indomitable, and who continue to be a source of inspiration, by the way they relentlessly push on until they achieve success amidst the obstacles and come out triumphant. In times of adversity, it opens up avenues for progress, and this is a demonstration of unlimited potential which can be utilized when we greet changes with open minds and open hearts.

‘Be bold, have high aspirations, and persist till you attain them.’

Come what may, achieve what you deserve!’



Author: Alka Singla, HOD Sports, Manav Rachna International school, Ludhiana