Students of Grade IV-VIII went on a trip to Jim Corbett

The educational and adventurous camp promotes the concept of peaceful coexistence of man and nature. Manav Rachna International School Sector-51, Gurugram believes to give a holistic approach to the students towards life. 128 students of Grades 4 to 8 were taken to an adventurous and leisure trip to Jim Corbett National Park and Nainital under the supervision of the Principal, 14 teachers and trainers from SPACE recently.

They had fun-filled enroute experience with good music and company of friends and peers. Students found themselves engrossed throughout the first day in various activities which helped to bring the spirit of camaraderie to the fore. The evening was filled with adventurous and thrilling activities at adventure camp at Devbhoomi. Next day, the students visited ARIES Observatory, a 50-year old observatory situated at quiet and picturesque hills. Equipped with knowledge of astrophysics, the students enrouted to the picturesque Nainital. Visit to Eco Cave Garden comprising of six caves was filled with excitement and adventure. Shopping at the mall road for their family and themselves after an adventurous and exciting day was a pleasurable experience.

The third day was the much awaited Jungle Safari! The keen eyes of the students did manage to sight peacocks, monkeys, spotted deer and a herd of elephants and off the mighty tiger.

The DJ and music every evening relaxed students filling them with energy for next day’s adventure and fun. The camp instilled in the students to become independent, active and alert. They relived the tag line of every adventure camp which starts with “I CANNOT” and ends with “I DID” just by doing it! The ‘Call of the wild’ is there to stay for long in everyone’s memory.