Adventure Camp to Mussoorie for Grade VII & VIII

As a prelude to the summer vacations, Manav Rachna International School in collaboration with Rocksport, organised an adventure camp at Mussoorie for the students of base groups VII – VIII recently. The camp gave students an opulent opportunity to be in the nature’s lap, in the serene arms of tranquility, far away from the baffling city lights. The students savored the true nectar of adventure and enjoyed the salubrious climate. They enjoyed the vast expanse of the awe inspiring mountains and witnessed the magnificent sun rise.

This camp was power packed with the sequence of daring and thrilling adventure and non- adventurous activities, and tasks throughout the day. Students were apprised about working together as teams, setting goals, taking challenges, and motivating each other.

The trip catered to indulge in adventurous activities like Stream Runner, Trekking, Guerilla Warfare, Giant Ladder, Burma Bridge, Camp Games, Rock climbing, Rappelling which allowed them to explore the grandeur and depth of nature and be acquainted with the exquisite variety of flora and fauna of the mountains. It was an outing that made the students confident, courageous and to a great extent assisted them to conquer their fears.

The best thing about that place was that the camp was executed under trained supervisors to look after the safety of the students at all times. Excited faces of the students gleamed with joy as they shared an inexplicable bond with their teachers. The camp culminated with a much awaited activity Guerilla Warfare, Prize Distribution and Dance performance. The students had a blast when they gyrated on the stage. But as the saying goes that “All good things come to an end”, so did this camp, with a learning of new skills and experiences.