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To develop a child harmoniously and holistically by emphasizing on his physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, social and spiritual needs.
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Primary Years is the best time in student’s lives. Everything is beautiful and colourful for them. They are wonderstruck by the natural beauty around them. Manav Rachna gives their students the opportunity to continue to excel in their radiant and bright world of imagination, nudging them a little to express themselves through the strokes of a pencil and brush.

Our little artists explore Visual ELEMENTS OF ART such as line, colour, shape, form, texture and space. They also learn the techniques of overlapping in their artwork .They experiment on how much pressure needs to be applied on a pencil to create different shades in a black and white piece of art. Students learn to respect and appreciate the diversities in our culture by making folk art like Warli and Madhubani.

SDG’s are incorporated in the art sessions and students are continuously sensitised about how nature responds to minimal interference of human beings. They are taught how to make newspaper bags, decoration items, craft etc. from waste products for the purpose of reuse and recycle; leaving them with the food for thought as how reduced consumption and reusing stuff is good for the environment.

They love free hand drawings particularly on topics like ‘View outside my window’ depicting deserted streets and happy nature and human and animal figures.

Art is one of the activities which keep stress away and positivity alongside. At MRIS, students discover the importance to keep oneself occupied through colours drawings. Art makes you see the world differently and one learns to notice things that are often overlooked. 

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