Importance of Annual Events

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In the last decade, we have all witnessed a paradigm shift in education, and rightly so. Schools are no longer merely academic centres but institutions for holistic growth and development of the individual. It is the duty of every educator and institution to provide the ambience and opportunities to encourage and develop confident practical individuals with leadership skills and positive values in our students. We at MRIS-46 have taken this responsibility with all seriousness and provide various platforms for students to discover, learn and showcase their talents. Along with a variety of activities held grade wise, Annual Events are organised across the school every year, wherein we focus on a particular theme to develop, enhance and polish our students’ skill set. In the past couple of years, we have proudly  organized Annual events like  Lit Fest  on various forms of literature,  Panorama based on  CREST  concepts, Sportek  focused on physical wellness, Kala Sanyojan  was based on art and craft, Zimriya revolved around  performing arts  to name a few.

Annual Events are fantastic learning curves for students. Annual Events are not brief performances but require weeks of practice and grind. Students are involved right from conception, planning, execution and delivery of events. Each and every student participates and contributes proudly, be it writing the script, setting up the venue, designing and sending the invites. It is their event and they own it. Over the years each Annual Event hones a particular skill set depending on the theme of that particular year. Each participant emerges a confidence, responsible and content achiever. Group activities, peer collaboration and weeks of practice are some of the life skills they learn along with regular academic growth.  Indeed, we reap what we sow. This is our contribution to groom responsible citizens and leaders for a better India of tomorrow.