Clans & Special Assemblies

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The students at MRIS have been divided into four groups or houses called ‘Clans’-

  • Air Falcons
  • Forest Rhinos
  • Water Sharks
  • Wild Cats

This division functions in inculcating the spirit of healthy competition and ensuring maximum participation of students in various activities. It also creates a sense of teamwork, integrity, self-esteem, leadership, responsibility and self-less attitude in students as they strive towards making their Clan excel by contributing through their best efforts.

Each Clan has a ‘motto’ that helps in building a common emotion and bonding amongst the Clan members. It is divided into five verticals- Visual arts, Performing Arts, ISR, Literacy & Media, and Sports. These verticals provide exposure to various domains and hence promote multiple skills in students such as life skills, artistry, sportsmanship, craft, music, dance, and theatric skills.


Special assemblies are an important feature of MRIS school routine. These are occasional assemblies conducted at MRIS on special occasions such as national festivals, cultural festivals, nationally and internationally observed days, for example, Earth Day, Children’s Day etc. These assemblies make students aware of various facts events and information related to their nation, world and diverse cultures. Assemblies include interesting activities, skits and songs in which students participate with great zeal and enthusiasm. These assemblies are a means to create positive, reflective ethos and develop intra-personal intelligence in students.