Students spent their days camping in Uttarakhand

Field trips and residential camps play an important role in a student’s life. It opens up new experiences, strengthens bonds, teaches lessons in independent handling of self and leaves behind a treasure trove of fond memories.

Students of MRIS-46, Gurugram beat the drudgery of May heat as they visited various camp sites in Uttarakhand in the month of May. Grade XI students traversed through the Mountain Quail in Mussoorie; Grades VI, VII & VIII went to the Jungle Retreat in the pristine jungles of Bhowali while Grades IV and V explored the Tiger Country, Corbett. Team building, adventure activities, water activities, night trek, night out in the wilderness, navigating way through the use of compass, cooking on the bonfire, and stories by the bonfire were some of the highlights of the camp. Everyone came back rich in experience, confidence and memoirs.