Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children”

A salute to our Roots’

 A special day was dedicated to the grandparents of the tiny tots of MRIS Foundation years, where they were invited to spend some wonderful time with their grandchildren and the warmth of their abundant love could be felt, even virtually.  It’s true that childhood never goes away, the child in us is always alive and only comes out when you are with the grandchildren. To relive the moments of their childhood the Theme ‘Bachpan ke rang Grandparents ke sang’- was set.

Children along with their teacher welcomed them with a song. Lots of activities took them down the memory lane as they shared about their school and childhood days. Grandparents shared it all with glee in their eyes. They enjoyed one-minute games like passing the parcel, sharing of joke, guessing the riddle and saying a tongue twister. Grandparents flaunted their style when they did a ramp walk with their grandchildren. They matched their tunes to the various dance numbers, paper dance saw the children jumping up in the laps of their Dadas, Dadis, Nanas and Nanis. A few of them enlivened the atmosphere with rhymes, songs, and even Bhajans and Dohas. On the occasion of Navratri children along with their grandparents performed Garba and Durga puja dance.