Principal’s Message – MRIS Sector 21C Faridabad

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Mrs Seema Anis, Principal

Principal’s Message – MRIS Sector 21C Faridabad

Qualification: MA English, Business English Certificate from Cambridge, UK
Experience: 25+ Years

The inhabitants of MRIS 21C breathe happiness, and the smiles that fill the campus are just divine!

The understanding of the fact that every single individual is capable of learning, is a strong enough driving force to motivate us educators at MRIS 21C, into taking the initiatives enabling every single one of them to learn after Identifying  the type of intelligence and designing customized instructional strategies. And for this mission of ours, we start planning with optimism and momentum every year.

While striving for excellence, mediocrity is respected, and assistance provided to those needing it, through a variety of differentiated learning approaches. Walking that extra mile mindfully, to give each one a little boost that is just enough to accelerate her/his pace of learning and increase his/her boundaries of achievement, is a norm on campus.

An all dimensional learning environment is provided to the students in a secure and caring campus through a curriculum, designed to achieve the vision of MRIS, that requires not just academic excellence, but also a wholesome approach towards personality development along with honing of 21st century skill sets.

The inclusion of a strong language development program, Future Skills & Sustainability, Life skills and Media Shala is what forms the backbone of classroom teaching. The intense one-on-one approach makes the school space a comfort zone for all students, highly conducive for learning, and gives the educational program of MRIS 21C its unique flavour. A conscious step of adopting the UNSDGs as part of our curriculum helps students to think constructively and make informed decisions while contributing to society and the environment.

The deliberate decision to contain it to a Middle school is a reflection of the intent and attitude of being able to provide the best to the students. The intent followed by action on campus is proven by the achievement of the Best Middle School of Faridabad award!

Instructional time of students is fiercely guarded and a blend of conventional and modern approach to pedagogy and planning is a necessity for each session, which mandates focus on integration and cross curricular learning.

Innovative ideas of both students and teachers are given wings, enhancing the outcome and preparing all rounded global citizens. Such citizens will have the courage of conviction, so necessary for an individual to be the change that is required for personal and social growth. Manav ki rachna, in the truest form!