Square Dance

We, at Manav Rachna, believe that learning cannot take place in water-tight compartments and must be integrated as well as inter-linked across subjects in the curriculum. Dance is a form of movement that uses the body as an instrument of expression and communication; learning Math, on the other hand, helps to build our logical as well as analytical skills and language development is integral to every aspect of learning. At MRIS-21C Faridabad, we integrated the learning of Mathematical concepts with Performing Arts and Language development by way of Square Dance Day, which was packed with learning, fun and exercise. The children, in pairs, had to dance within their square and whoever got out was supposed to tell a fact related to the square shape. The objective of this activity was to reinforce the features of the square shape in an interesting manner while also focusing on language development. It was heart-warming to see them enjoying the activity and learning at the same time.

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