Mother’s Day Celebration 

The Mothers of Nursery and KG students of MRIS-21C Faridabad were made to feel very special through Mothers’ Day celebration today. There was an interactive storytelling session by Ms. Rituparna Ghosh, who enthralled by her charismatic way of narrating and enacting the story. Every mother present felt like a child and involved herself completely in the ongoing activities throughout the entire session. After the session, mothers were ushered to their respective classes and made to involve in fun-filled activities. Craft activity was conducted for mothers wherein they prepared head gears of “Hippo” for themselves and children as explained to them during the story session. They all shared delicious food of their child’s liking amongst each other. The highlight of the celebration was that mothers and children were in colour coordinated clothes.

Principal Ms. Seema Malhotra wished all the mothers and appreciated their love, care and efforts put in by them in bringing up their children so beautifully. The smiles only stretched as the sentiments surfaced. Everyone went away feeling very happy and emotional about the beautiful bond created by God.

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