CREST is a unique programme developed by MRIS to promote Conceptual Learning through Reasoning, Exploration, Skilling and Technology. It is based on the recommendation of the NCF and it derives its essence from NCERT guidelines. It also incorporates elements of NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards, USA) as well as other International curricula towards nurturing 21st Century skills in children from the very beginning of their formal education. The CREST curriculum keeps the students constructively engaged and develops skills like Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Cooperation, Communication and creativity. It promotes an integrated and child centered approach towards learning. The curriculum focuses on children’s experiences and their active participation. The identified concepts, skills, issues/concerns included in the CREST curriculum are developed with age appropriate understanding of the child progressing gradually from self to the immediate surrounding and further to the wider environment. It also focuses on building concepts based on activities, investigations, and sensory experiences.