A special assembly was presented by the charismatic students of Grade 3B- Australia of MRIS-14,Faridabad. The assembly clearly stated the alacrity to stay positive even during this terrible pandemic.

Students showcased their performance through a Talk Show titled – ‘Life Post-Covid in 2023’. This was followed by the enactment of students as doctors who reminded everyone to follow the norms and stay safe during this pandemic. On the other hand, the health experts shared the recipe of Kadha along with its benefits and guided everyone about adapting to healthy food habits and lifestyle. Students as psychologists also enlightened everyone that we must share feelings with their loved ones and be contended in our minds. At the end, the students beautifully showcased the effective use of technology while attending virtual classes and doing the assignments online and also, how this pandemic has brought us closer to our family and friends.

Director Principal, Ms.Mamta Wadhwa and Vice Principal, Ms. Monika Kathuria appreciated  the efforts of each participant and inspired the students to stay healthy and think positive, and lead a blissful life by following the rules and norms, as directed. Everyone seemed to be in a state of absolute bliss and the assembly concluded on a happy note.