Fruit Salad Day

As children are always full of energy while doing various activities and tasks, and this energetic power will only reside within them if they intake healthy and nutritious food. So on focusing upon the healthy eating habits of our students, a colourful fun-filled Fruit Salad Activity was planned for the Nursery kids of MRIS 14, Faridabad, with a purpose to demonstrate ‘Change in Appearance and Taste.’

Children learnt about a variety of fruits, their colour and taste through this activity. Children were made aware that fruit can be served whole, sliced, cut into half or diced and were given the experience of tasting and enjoying ‘Salty, Sour and Sweet fruit salad’. This activity also helped them to learn about their sensory organs. Their vocabulary also enhanced by using action words like washing, peeling, chopping, dicing, sprinkling, serving etc. A delicious fruit salad was served to all the children which they relished a lot.

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