Creative Writing Workshop

In an attempt to acquaint students with creative writing and in an effort to equip them with writing techniques, a workshop on creative writing was conducted by Mrs. Ira Seghal, a language trainer and resource person for the session, for Grade V at MRIS, Sector 14, Faridabad. She elaborated on the basic structure of a story and emphasized on using rich vocabulary in their sentences. She made the students realize that once the ideas have been formed, it is important to indulge in free writing and record all thoughts without inhibition.

Students were given writing exercises in the form of writing a suitable beginning and ending to the story to explore their own imaginative potential and literary flair for creative writing. The students responded well by actively participating in the writing activities and read out their on-the-spot compositions. The tips were beneficial to students and they could relate to her guidelines as she supplemented them with examples of writing prompts including both images and words.

The workshop aimed at nurturing their creative talents. It proved helpful in tickling the imagination of our young learners and generating in them some interest and love for creative writing. The students of Grade V enjoyed the session as it was quite interactive too. On the whole, the experience was much enriching and proved beneficial in igniting the true spirit of a writer in them.

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