Interaction of Shri K.J. Alphons with Manav Rachna Students

Shri K.J. Alphons, Member of Rajya Sabha and the Former Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, interacted with the students of Grade XI and XII, and teachers of Manav Rachna International Schools in the campus today. The interaction was based on ‘Making a Difference’ in the context of New India wherein the inspiring incidents and situations were discussed with the students and teachers. A video of his speech in Rajya Sabha was played in the auditorium leaving everyone spellbound of his oratory skills and opinion about India.

Shri Alphons commenced the interaction by defining New India as a private whole world where entrepreneurship is encouraged, and both rural and urban people are employed and educated. Right from the very first word, Shri Alphons spoke, this highly accomplished personality motivated students with every line and phrase. With motivating and inspiring examples and experiences from his own life, he aroused the spark of responsibility, freedom, and ‘celebration’ in every student. His motto was shared with all- ‘Celebrate Your Life’ so that you can make India better and be able to ‘Celebrate India’. Addressing students, he said, “You are born to make this world better, and you have to believe in this to be achieved and celebrate your life”. He added, “This country belongs to you and it’s fun when you do things for the country”.

He shared some valuable takeaways for the students:

  1. Work Smart- Use your intelligence and intellect. Talk to people and get ideas.
  2. Celebrate Your Life and Choices
  • Make a schedule and put your life in shape
  1. Come prepared to the classroom and ask questions
  2. Communicate about things with your parents
  3. Don’t ever fight in the name of God

Dr. Sanjay Srivastava, VC, Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies also addressed the students. “If you have character and competence, you cannot be stopped in life”, he said. He shared five things for students to carry with them for their lifetime to make the most out of everything- Information, People, Money, Physical Resources and Time.

Shri Alphons went on a Manav Rachna Campus Tour and experienced education the Manav Rachna way!